New Year, 3rd Term!

My last term in university is starting on Monday (January 13)!

Processing my clearance, getting evaluated, applying for my new ID and brainstorming for my Software Engineering and Thesis A projects happened is so yesterday. Juggling through five classes wasn’t easy for me as it seemed to other people (especially waking up early for 8AM class lol), considering I had been out of school for quite some time.



I had to go the extra mile in everything that I do and sacrifice a couple of things so I can prioritize my studies. That includes being organized and self-driven. My love for learning added fuel to the fire. :)

I feel so blessed to find a thesis partner early in the term and gained new friends without problems :”>

I cannot fathom how everything worked out in my favor, despite the circumstances, which eventually paid off :”>

I still have to process my IC in Economics, I forgot to pass my permit number to my professor :))

I still have to process my IC in Economics, I forgot to pass my permit number to my professor :))

A new challenge awaits! I’m enrolled to four classes, namely:

  • Computer Science minor: Modeling and Simulation (with lab)
  • Social Science minor: Life and Works of Jose Rizal
  • Free Elective: Fundamental Accounting Theory and Practice (SAP, with lab), and
  • CS Thesis

I chose Accounting over Oracle 10g because I already took a similar class before, have a bit of hands-on experience with it (though that was a few years ago) and won’t be utilized on our final project. Our course doesn’t have one, unlike IT, and I’ve noticed some job ads seeking candidate with accounting background.. not to mention the availability of SAP-related jobs in the market.

My classes are spread apart six days in a week, but I need all the free time I can get to do our thesis without sacrificing study time for other subjects and sleep. Hopefully I can squeeze in some blog events nearby or score review opportunities (contact me!) so I can save money. Hashtag: #hellostudentbudget


God-willing, a few months from now, I will be coming up the stage wearing my toga. Kindly keep me in your prayers :’)

For these and more, thank You! To God be the Glory! ♥

Dems Angeles

The geek behind this blog, Dems has a background in Computer Science and dabbles into writing, photography, reading, music and volunteerism. Don't forget to add loads of God's love ♥

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  1. January 21, 2014

    […] Last term I finished Software Engineering class AND reproduced a thesis proposal with documentation (chapters 1 – 3) with my partner, Aubrey.  We finished writing our exams and defending our projects a week before Christmas, so why not celebrate for a job well done? […]

  2. February 2, 2014

    […] can proudly say I’m a morning person again, waking up as early as 6:30am for 9:00am classes.. even on Sundays and holidays! My life revolves around school, home, and friends with some […]

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