It’s Not Easy To Be.. Us, Working Students

February 18, 2012

Being a working student is not an easy feat.

You feel that 24/7 is not enough for all the things you want to do.
You have to schedule everything.
You always lack sleep yet you have to have energy all the time.
You account your money and make sure you can get by until the next payday.
You decide how you’ll get by the next day when you’re already short.
You forget to eat or don’t as much as you used to.
Crackers and water become your best friends.
You don’t get to spend time with friends.
You have to apologize for every occasion you miss.
You look for another job just to meet ends, if possible.

That’s just a part of it.


I used to work Monday-Wednesday-Friday in Ayala, Makati. Attend classes on Tuesdays.. Thursdays.. and sometimes Saturdays if I have a class.

I had one sem where every Tuesday I have to attend a laboratory class first before I go to work. Or another sem where my Friday has 4 laboratory classes without breaks in between 8:00 am – 5:00 pm and was very thankful for understanding professors. Or a trisem where I have Software Engineering class or Thesis A that I have to absent from work to get my papers and program done, on top of my homework and projects from our subjects and tasks given to me on work.

I had to talk to professors or my boss and swallow whatever shyness, fear or pride I have, so I can still make life more bearable. Because not only am I pressured to work while studying, there’s this thing at home which I was talking about in my older posts.

The time comes when I feel like giving up… Where I would just cry my heart out because I can’t bear the pressure anymore. Times that I get sick of what I do and literally get sick because I don’t get enough sleep nor do I eat well enough to replenish my energy.

I might be lucky to find something within my field of study that’s why I was happy despite all the problems. I can say that there are a lot of opportunities out there, you just have to grab it. It takes a lot of courage and willpower I tell you.ย I have made it this far, and so can you.

I applaud each and every fellow working student for fighting for their future and going through life. Our fruits of determination, hard work and tears will all pay off in time.

For those who will live their lives the way we do, never give up and never forget to pray. Always look at the bigger picture and always keep in mind your goals, and dreams..

I hope that other people, especially those who look down on us because we are ‘nothing’ – don’t have that diploma yet or weren’t born with a spoon in our mouths – see now that we ARE something despite everything and will learn to respect us. That is based on personal experience.

Dare try to be in our shoes for a day, I doubt you won’t stand it even for a few minutes.

I may not have yet finished my degree since I still have to pay off the rest of the tuition fee that was supposedly taken care of by my educational plan. But I have learned a lot of life lessons that they don’t teach in the four corners of the classroom. Still, I thank all those wonderful people who I met on this journey and who become my inspiration and guide. I thank also friends who stuck with me even when I’m at my lowest point.

Are you a working student? Or do you know someone who is? Share your stories ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. wow…. i can hear you! it took me 7 years to complete my college degree because I was a working student too… i went into selling tupperware, real estate, teaching, car washing, household keeper and more…including selling “balut”.

    it was hard…but soooo sweet in the end.

    and now got my own house, a car, and sending my kids in one of the ivy league here in our country.

    1. Wow, that’s very inspiring naman po! :’)

      This is my sixth year since I started college. I’m not rushing that much anymore. Though the pressure from the family isn’t helping.. Anyway, I try to enjoy life pa din so I wouldn’t get burned out ^_^

      Thanks for the comment! God bless po โ™ฅ

  2. praise for you! its good that you still strive hard despite of difficulties. Just go on, you are serving as a role model for others. No worry after all the sacrifices, rewards will come at the end.

  3. I was a working student before so I know how hard it is. There was a time when I fell asleep on class because of tiredness but I also enjoy earning at a young age. I won’t forget this in my entire life.

  4. I was a working student in my 4 years of law school. Sometimes, I cry while I eat because I’m already too tired and can’t do anything about it. It surprises me that most of the working students in our batch have actually better grades than the full-time ones. I think it’s all because the working students have better value for their time. True, 24/7 seems not enough, but we just have to make use of what God has blessed us. =)

    Reach for your dreams! =)

    1. Woah, law school is harder (for me, since I’m not the type who can memorize a lot of stuff).
      There are times I just cry out of the blue when I’m at home.

      Not just time, but the money itself too. It’s a must not to waste anything. You get to appreciate a lot of stuff more when you’re working hard for it on your own.

      Thank you! โ™ฅ

  5. This blog post here made me realize how I really need to take my schooling, which I do online at Ashford University, and be serious about it. I am not working but get income from the US government. You have my utmost respect for you will. Thanks for sharing po.
    All the best.

    1. I have friends in the US that also do online schooling and get income from the gov’t, since they’re in the military or is a dependent of one.

      We deserve to have fun din naman once in a while. But I always tell my younger siblings/cousins to study well habang afford pa sila pag aralin ng parents nila.

      Goodluck on your schooling ๐Ÿ™‚
      Thank you and God bless โ™ฅ

  6. I salute working students like you, I am blessed that I don’t need to experience to work while studying, studying alone is very hard how much more if you are working while studying that’s more challenging. I like your attitude, being brave and determined is a role model to everyone striving to have a better future. keep it up and the Lord will never leave you nor forsake you ๐Ÿ™‚

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