Spa Review: Juicy Nails by K2C

How often do you go to a spa? At least once a month, I go in for a body scrub and massage. I never bothered before but now I use it as an excuse to take a break and reward myself. Whether for health or self-indulgence, I noticed there is an increasing number of spas as well as people who visit them. Is our lives that stressful?

One afternoon I was invited with a fellow blogger to try out a newly opened spa on the northern part of Quezon City. The establishment is called Juicy Nails by K2C and it offers nails, body and wax spa services. Owned by spa goers themselves, Ms. Kathy and Ms. Carol, the location was chosen because it was ideal for them to meet halfway.

The spa has six (6) comfy chairs, two (2) therapy rooms and a spotless bathroom with shower. A dash of vibrant pink, purple, light blue and white on the walls and furniture might intimidate macho men but the spa caters to everyone. A collection of nail polishes are beautifully displayed on the wall behind the counter. Guests are offered water, hot tea or iced tea on arrival.




The rooms were separated by a thick curtain. There were times the ‘divider’ was moved. Only clad in our underwear, the therapists did make sure we are covered in the right places all the time.

Bed was covered with plastic to keep it dry.

My therapist chose my body ritual, Citrus Glow, a whitening body scrub and wrap. My body was brushed to open my pores, scrubbed down, and wiped clean with warm water. Then mask was applied, body was wrapped with the plastic bed cover, and wiped clean with a cleanser. I was escorted to their bathroom for a quick shower before a body massage.


The treatment made me skin smooth and smelling good, no doubt about that. It would have been nice if the therapist asked me first what specific body ritual I wanted to try. I’m curious about the weight loss one, nonetheless I’m glad she is concerned in making my skin tone even.

If you’re into hard massages, you’ll enjoy the ones they give at Juicy Nails by K2C. Unfortunately, my body does not. Even after advising the therapist and adjusting the pressure, it left me with back pains when I got home 🙁

Their therapists are polite and accommodating with my questions. Cleanliness is a priority, especially in their shower / restroom area. If you’re residing or working near Tandang Sora market and looking for reasonably priced and good spa services, best for intimate spa parties, drop by Juicy Nails by K2C. Thank you Ms. Kathy and Ms. Carol for accommodating us!

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Juicy Nails by K2C Price List


Spa Packages

  1. Sole Mate Foot Spa with Pedicure + Foot Paraffin = P630
  2. Pamper Me Hand Spa with Manicure + Hand Paraffin = P495
  3. Body Ritual (Citrus Glow / Dead Sea) + Hair Spa + European Facial = P1305
  4. Sole Mate Foot Spa with Pedicure + Pamper Me Hand Spa with Manicure = P630
  5. Waxing, Bikini + Full Leg = P675
  6. Body Massage + Body Scrub = P720

Juicy Nails by K2C on-going promos

Avail of the following for FREE (BER months only): 30 min Back Massage after a Signature Body Scrub, Foot Reflex for 30 mins with Foot Spa Pedicure & Classic Manicure, or Hand or Foot Paraffin when you opt for Gel Polish Manicure. How about buy 1 and get 50% off on your next FULL LEG WAXING session?


Juicy Nails by K2C is located at #389 Unit 2B Visayas Avenue, Tandang Sora, Quezon City and open from 11am to 10pm. For more details, you can find them on Facebook. Call or text at +63 943 953 0595 for reservations.

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Pain free, beautiful smiles with Myobrace

No need for stats, we know that a lot of kids suffer from various dental problems. Crooked teeth, for example, is thought to be hereditary condition. While partially true, majority of cases are caused by incorrect myofunctional habits.

Let me share with you what me and some mommy bloggers were able to learn more about crooked teeth and the alternative to braces during our visit at Green Apple Dental MRC Clinic.

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I love taking care of my crowning glory. I used to have a long one when I was a kid but they decided to cut it short before I started schooling. Today, I do my best to grow it out again.

Somewhere along the way though, my hair turned wavy, especially on the front part. Maybe that’s expected from people with a heart-shaped hair line, but I somehow got the impression that my hair is nagtampo.

So I regularly have it rebonded, to the point that I know all the steps (just teach my how to section the hair properly :P). My last one was December 2011 and my mom said to wait for December again (since I delayed it during summer). A stroke of luck and I was given an opportunity to give my hair some TLC it needs ♥

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A good gastronomic experience can uplift someone’s mood, but what better way to end one’s day than to be pampered? This is one of life’s guilty pleasures. If we could have it every after a busy or stressful day at work or school, we would forget our worries away and life will somehow become better.

And for a day, I experience that. Done with the Ilocandia cuisine, it was time for some RnR in their Ilocano-themed wellness spa next door.

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The package came from China (and yes, before you ask, I purchased this before the whole PH-China dispute :P)

Waking up to a sunny yet chill morning, I knew it was going to be a good day, even if it rains. My day brightened up more when the package I’ve been waiting for has arrived.

As everyone knows I have been online shopping earlier May, wherein I got to purchase a bag from Chicify and a pair of doll shoes from Zalora.

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My mom and I was supposed to buy shoes for me to use since a pair of my black doll shoes were unfortunately included to the trash and the other one I was using when I met with her is already damaged. We did get to look around but there’s nothing that fits me. In the end she’s the one who got to bought home a pair :))

Anyway, since she cancelled our scheduled plans last Sunday, I thought of buying one online so that I can still go out and apply for jobs.

Yet another package that came in the mail today! It was delivered by the same LBC personnel from yesterday 🙂

Honestly, I was worried while placing the order because it’s my first time to buy a pair of shoes without actually fitting it. I’m on the plus size side and I definitely had to rely on my size in centimeters. I am so relieved that it fits me well and very much happy that the insoles are comfy.

Cute little accents ♥

It came with a shoe bag too (see first photo), though it isn’t waterproof. I’m just a little worried about the shoe itself when it rains, because of the other material of the shoe. Or not, since I’m planning to buy another pair as an alternative.

I bought this from Zalora and paid via Paypal also. It was for sale at P760 and shipping was free. They also have a 30-day free replacement policy, which makes me want to buy from them again in the future. Package was processed using Xend but they route to it LBC for provincial deliveries (funny, Antipolo doesn’t look provincial to me anymore lol).

Two down, one more to go. Can’t wait for it 🙂

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My Grandma woke me up by shouting at my ears because a package came in today. She was insisting she doesn’t know what do to with it. Anyway, she could have saved me and the delivery person the trouble by just signing it. Here’s one of the three packages I’m waiting for this week:

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