A Day with the Samsung Freestyle 2nd Gen Portable Projector

May 22, 2024

I recently took the Samsung Freestyle 2nd Gen for a spin, and here’s what I discovered during my hands-on testing.

The Freestyle 2nd Gen LFF3CL is a portable projector recently released by Samsung in the Philippines, aiming to bring the cinematic experience to homes for film buffs and gamers alike.

Native Resolution1080p
Projection TechnologyLED
Audio360 degrees
Lamp Life30,000 hours
Image Size30" to 100"
Wireless ConnectivityWiFi, Bluetooth

What’s in the box

The Samsung Freestyle Gen 2 arrives in a neat and compact box. Crack it open and you’ll find the projector itself, a lens cap to keep it dust-free, a SolarCell Remote™ control for eco-friendly power, a USB adapter with a power cord, and a quick start guide to get you going in no time!


Projectors have a bad rep for being bulky and hard to set up, which is where the Samsung Freestyle Gen 2 shines. This little powerhouse is shaped like a cylinder and takes up barely any space, like just 4 inches! Plus, it’s incredibly lightweight, coming in at under a kilo. The stand lets you tilt it a full 180 degrees in either direction, so you can project anywhere you want with ease.

The Samsung Freestyle 2nd Gen Portable Projector (2024)


This projector is easy to use! I was up and running in minutes. Here’s what I did: found the perfect spot, plugged it in, connected to my WiFi, and logged in to my favorite streaming app. No messing with settings – the Freestyle automatically takes care of everything with its Auto Keystone, Focus, and Leveling features. Talk about user-friendly!

When I turned it on, I was instantly greeted by the built-in Samsung Smart Hub. This hub gives me access to all my favorite streaming services, like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and Apple TV, plus cool Samsung features like Internet browsing and Bixby voice control. No need to download a single app – they’re all pre-loaded and ready to go!

I spent an evening using it for YouTube music – perfect while having dinner and chilling afterwards. Since I was staying at an Airbnb, I kept the volume low (around 16-17), but the 360-degree surround sound still totally immersed me in the music.

For video, the Freestyle can project anywhere from a cozy 30-inch screen to a massive 100-inch display. The colors were seriously vivid, and the brightness was perfect right out of the box ! I did have to adjust the size and position a bit, but that was a breeze (check out the pics below).

Also, the remote with the built-in solar cell is a cool touch, but I found myself using the SmartThings app on my Samsung phone even more. Super convenient for navigating around!

Placed it on top of the fridge so I can watch while having dinner
Device was placed bedside, pointing towards the ceiling.
POV: watching content while lying in bed
Remote control that can be charged with both sunlight and indoor lighting!
Control your Freestyle device with your phone!

One thing I couldn’t test was the Smart Edge Blending feature, which lets you connect two Freestyles for an ultra-wide screen experience. Super bummed I only had one unit!

Speaking of limitations, my quick testdrive meant I couldn’t delve into the Gaming Hub. This lets you stream games without needing a console – sounds pretty awesome for gamers!

A couple of other things to note: the snazzy Forest Green travel case isn’t included, and it’ll set you back P3,999. You can also customize your Freestyle with skins in different colors (Forest Green, Coyote Beige, and Blossom Pink). There’s also a high-capacity battery base available, but it seems like it might not be out in the Philippines yet.


Overall, the Samsung Freestyle 2nd Gen is a fantastic option for anyone who wants a portable entertainment powerhouse. It can bring the full Samsung Smart TV experience anywhere I go. This is perfect for our household because we love streaming apps and games, but aren’t looking to buy a whole new smart TV right now. Plus, it’s ideal for renters like us since there’s no need to drill holes in the wall for mounting and it only has a power consumption of 50W max. It’ll be perfect for my new place too!

The compact size makes it super portable. I can easily take it to karaoke nights, movie sleepovers, or even road trips with friends and family. Just plug it into any external battery pack* with a USB-C cable and bam – you’ve got an instant movie theater! Imagine movie nights with a giant screen anywhere!

And as a freelancer, the Freestyle gives me the ultimate flexibility to do presentations on the fly, wherever I am.

*Samsung Freestyle 2nd Gen is compatible with powerbanks that support USB-PD and 50w/20v output and above. See the list of recommended third-party powerbanks here.

Spotted the Freestyle 2nd Gen at a Samsung Store in Taipei, Taiwan.

The Samsung Freestyle 2nd Gen retails at ₱49,999 but you can get yours today via the Samsung Philippines’ online shop for only ₱34,999 with free shipping!

Avail an additional ₱1,000 discount on your first order with a minimum spend ₱20,000 just by logging in to your Samsung Account.

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