Signify Philippines Answers the Call for Sustainable Lighting with WiZ Connected

June 8, 2024

Across the Philippines, modern households are going green! From bustling Metro Manila to up-and-coming cities in Cebu, Filipinos of all ages are rethinking their consumption habits. This led to a surge in energy-efficient home designs, making Filipino homes more sustainable than ever.

Signify, a leading name in lighting, is making it easier for Filipinos to create smart homes with WiZ Connected Smart Lighting. These customizable lighting solutions let you upgrade your living space and design your own smart home experience.

The growing demand for smart home technologies

Filipinos are working from home more than ever thanks to hybrid work arrangements, and that’s making smart lighting and home automation a hot trend. The demand for these handy devices has skyrocketed 71% since the pandemic!

Here’s where WiZ Connected comes in. They’re an Internet of Things (IoT) company focused on making smart lighting easy to use. Their Wi-Fi-based system lets you easily control lights in every room of your home. Want to turn on the lights without getting off the couch? No problem! Use your smartphone or even a smart assistant like Google Home. You can set schedules for your lights, so they turn on and off automatically, or even control them with your voice or motion sensors. It’s lighting that fits your life!

One can set up schedules on their WiZ Connected mobile app, so that lights gradually brighten at the start of the day, or dim towards the end of the night, or customize scenarios to make use of the 16 million colors offered by WiZ Connected. The lights can even be set to the circadian rhythm of your body to regulate better sleep amidst our hectic lifestyles.

Motion control is another exciting technological advancement that can modernize our homes, allowing lights to automatically turn on and off when one enters or leaves a room. Unlike traditional motion sensor-based lights, SpaceSense™ detection is based on the wi-fi signals in our home and doesn’t require line of sight during installation.

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Energy management at your fingertips

Filipinos are increasingly looking for ways to improve their home’s energy efficiency, especially after recent energy problems led to calls for conservation. There’s also been a growing interest in managing energy use more effectively.

Systems like WiZ Connected make it super easy. The handy mobile app lets you see exactly where you’re using the most energy in your house, so you can stop leaving lights on unnecessarily. Plus, Signify’s whole lighting range uses energy-efficient LED technology. This saves you money on your bills and is even better for your eyes than those old-fashioned bulbs!

Incorporating new ways of lighting a home

Another hot trend nowadays is the increasing usage of portable lights to create a more comfortable atmosphere at home.

WiZ Connected offers a variety of lighting options to suit your needs, from portable lamps with easy touch controls and unique dual-zone lighting effects to LED strips that can be easily attached to desks, counters, and walls for a touch of personalization. You can also create the perfect ambiance to unwind after work by adjusting the color temperature from cool white to warm white and the brightness level, or use the touch panel to switch between preset modes and dimming features to find what works best for you.

With WiZ Linear Bar lights, you can bring your space to life with dramatic or calming lighting effects, thanks to their adjustable color temperature. Plus, their compact and slim design makes them perfect for fitting into any tight spot, like bookshelves or even your TV stand.

Smart lighting is one of the essential components of a smart home automation ecosystem. All WiZ Connected products work with existing smart home technology like Google Home, Alexa, and Apple HomePods, and the WiZ Connected app was made easy to use so that anyone can set up their smart lights in under a minute. With the rapid acceleration of smart tech adoption in the country these past few years, Filipinos are more than ready to integrate smart technologies into their homes.

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