This site is owned by a twenty-eight year-old nerdy and chubby-looking girl whose interest seems to just revolve around books and most of the time guilty with a no-no fashion sense. She’s always mistaken as an eighteen year-old soft spoken lady, who will surprise you when she starts warming up to you.

Behind the thick glasses and quiet demeanor, this girl lives in a world where music is her ultimate escape from reality, where Sakura Kinomoto and Li Syaoran is the best anime love team, and where good tuna sashimi, rootbeer float and matcha ice cream are her comfort food.

If she’s not writing, she’s in her game of programming or designing, too-absorbed-to-care with the latest book that’s caught her attention, watching the latest episode of one of the many television series that she follows or movies she didn’t get to see in the big screen, hanging out with some of her close friends when everyone’s free, capturing priceless moment in life, attending events or even out on her own adventure in a sea of unfamiliar faces.

Often misunderstood by her peers, family, or strangers, she used to live her life for other people’s happiness, a puppet on a string – making her standing up for herself and radical self-love look like ‘rebellion’ or that she has changed for the bad.

To others, she is the ate or a mother figure because of her caring and loving nature, dropping what she does for when she’s needed and knowing when to listen and what to say.

She made this blog as a means to share experiences, thoughts and opinions, improve her writing skills and be an inspiration to people in anyway that she can be. She made this blog for people to see and appreciate her real self. DANGmusings. 🙂


In an alternative world, Dems is a Community Relations Manager by trade for a technology startup in the Philippines.


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