DANGmusings started as a personal / lifestyle blog in October 2010 under the brand “Finding My Kind of Perfect”.

Today, it aims to serve as a platform to share relevant stories to millennials in ASEAN and beyond – about tech in our daily lives, arts & culture through travels and events, and life in general. The food section of the blog was transferred in 2012 under GeekyKitch.


About the Author

In an alternative world, Dems is currently a freelance content writer, event photographer, and media relations associate by trade in the Philippines.


  • 2019: Panelist on “Leveraging on Influencer Marketing: Rise Above the Sea of Digital Contents” (26th National Retail Conference & Stores Asia Expo, August 2019)

Published Works


Tips and tricks to start the new year as a responsible PC user. [p.28]

  • “Cybercrime” – EmtechJP Magazine, November 2012

    Protect yourself online from fraud — statistics show that anyone could fall victim to cybercrime. [p.38]

Event Photos

Japan Foundation, Manila

In print / online publications

  1. Hey Mishi! Thank you for liking my post “7 Things I love About Coffee Shops.”

    You have a pretty interesting blog here. I love the font style used in your theme too. Keep writing! 🙂

    1. Hey there! I came upon your blog while searching for Victory group, I think. I’ve been looking for insights regarding the ‘process’ aka One-to-one, Victory weekend, etc.

      Your blog has a lot of good reads too. Thank you! God bless! 🙂 ♥

  2. Hi dems! I am inspired by your blogsite. Like you, i am fond of writing. But i don’t know how to start a blogsite with a “.com” in its domain. I started a blogsite whose domain has “.cf” Can i ask how did you start your blogsite and do i really need to pay a lot? Thanks. ☺️

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