There are times when we are consumed by our problems that we feel like there’s nothing we can do or there’s no one to help us. On other occasions we look for guidance in making decisions or when we travel, whether for work or vacation, because we worry that something wrong might happen. And there are those times where we’re looking for something that’s missing in our lives.

So who do we call?

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How can you say you’re truly happy? What are the ‘standards’ that measure your happiness? Doesn’t it involve any of these things:

  • money?
  • fame?
  • attention?
  • number of ‘friends’?
  • able to buy everything we want?
  • success in your work/business?

Yes, you might have a lot of money to spend or have a lot of ‘friends’ that give you attention for the wrong reasons. Yes, you might be successful in your work or business, but you spend all of your waking hour in it – no breaks, no me-time, no time for friends or family. Where’s the happiness in that?

We’re used to the concept that when we make a lot of money or when we get to buy everything we want (not need), that makes us happy. So what are the signs of true happiness then?

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What first comes to mind when you hear the phrase “taken for granted“?

Being used?

Being taken advantage of?

Not appreciated for what you are there for, have to offer, and can do?

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