Graduates, Break Free!

By on April 3, 2012

Disclaimer: this entry was made as a dry-run submission for a non-profit work , so don’t be surprised to read this somewhere else 🙂

By the end of this month, hundreds of thousand have already acquired their college diploma. In a country where one’s worth is often measured by his educational attainment, this is one of the most anticipated milestones in your life by your parents.

But what’s the next step? Whether or not you graduate with honors, people expect their you to get a decent job asap.

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A Tale of a Working Student to a Full Time Freelancer & VA

By on February 18, 2012

There was only one institution that I wanted to go to for college, but aside from the fact that I didn’t make it on the quota, my family thought it was very far. I was ready to apply for another course, even if I didn’t specify one but they really didn’t want me to. Geez, it was like 15mins away without traffic, add it to the things that they exaggerate.

Reluctantly I enrolled to the school, which was walking distance from our house and costs more than my choice, but I took the course that I wanted too. Not nursing, not any course that my relatives took.

Slowly, changes happened and life became difficult. It was not because of my course load nor my list of Computer Science core subjects that I am encountering for the first time.

It’s because I can’t afford to study anymore.

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