Save Bad Photos Series: Full Moon

By on June 27, 2012

Not every photo we took a shot of comes out great. It can turn out dark, unfocused or there are some photobombers around. There are a number of factors to consider – the camera itself, the lighting, the environment. I know most people know that already, so I won’t enumerate all of it here.

Starting my ‘save bad photos!’ series with one of my failed attempts to capture the beauty of a full moon.

I suck at putting watermarks before, since I wanted to use the color blue (which is my favorite :P)

Venue: Ayala Triangle Park, Ayala, Makati City

Date: November 17, 2010

My digital camera is not good taking pictures in low light places or during night time, so the image turned out dark (I honestly don’t use flash that much.) I can’t find the original image anymore, so you would see.

This is like how Jar of Salt save her photos (but she does it better ^_^). I enhanced this photo using Picasa, since I’m not that good with Photoshop. The maroon part is a tree with Christmas lights dangling on it while the building on the right is the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE).

Still I find this beautiful. 🙂

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