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CardCaptor Sakura Inspired Wedding Dress! ♥

February 14, 2012

Here and there you can see me referencing to Grey’s Anatomy, Gossip Girl or CIS among my weekly dose of TV series. Also you may say I’m obsessing with one particular anime – CardCaptor Sakura.

I have watched this anime in a local channel, around the time that Sailor Moon and Fushigi Yuugi were airing too. I don’t remember how old I was, what grade I was then or what other anime/cartoon was airing on TV but I can remember that I didn’t miss even a single episode of CCS.

I find the Sakura-Syaoran pairing the most adorable and the most natural among all the loveteams I like. Yes, until now, I’m a big fan and I read fanfiction from Fanfiction.Net (which I think I have mentioned before in another blog post here or in Tumblr). But I’m not much of a fan of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, just watched a few episodes of it and never touched the manga.

Anyway, every now and then I search for CCS news, even visiting CLAMP’s website, the creator of the series. And I’m thrilled to share what I saw.

A Card Captor Sakura inspired haute couture wedding dress! ♥

Designed from head to toe, even the bouquet, this was shown during Tokyo Bridal Festa’s Fashion Show 2011. Here’s how it looks like when worn:

So kawaii! Very much one of Tomoyo’s creations, if ever. I wonder what material(s) it was made of, as they didn’t disclose. I didn’t see a picture than can show the detailing on the back and the wings though.

I doubt a bit that someone would wear this in a real wedding, aside from the flower girl that is. Still, beautifully made ♥


Now I’m hoping more for a sequel in the future for Card Captor Sakura. Something about them in high school, college or even adulthood. Haha! Getting way over myself again lol xD

What do you think? Had CLAMP did a fine job bring CCS into the runaway? 🙂

Pictures of the dress credits here~

  1. I love Sakura too. I can’t forget how it was my stress reliever on those erratic high school days. Would be great if there’s going to be a sequel! 🙂 and Kawaii wedding dress, indeed!

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