Some Things Never Change: A Happy Day with ‘Family’ :)

It’s funny where life takes us. The places we go to, the people we meet along the way, the experiences and lessons we forever keep in our hearts.. I always believe there’s a reason for everything. One thing that happens, whether happy or not, is there to make us say that “I experience this, I understand how it feels now.”

A month ago I greeted a friend Happy Birthday. Mentioning that my gift will be given late, she invited me to go out with the little brother, Sean.Β In a way you can say we are long time friends. We’ve known each other since 2007. But I’ve never had much discussions with her and I’m closer with Sean. It was usually common courtesy. Simple hi-hello, invitation to eat when she was eating or simple questions about series, movies or books.

Because I was their brother’s then-girlfriend.

People usually think when you separated with your former partner, the bond you made with his/her family reduces to mereΒ acquaintances. For me, there’s a certain level of respect that remains and the bond never changes, as long as the relationship with them was and still good. The separation is between yourself and a family member of theirs, not yourself and everyone. It is unavoidable at times that, it comes to that sad point though and we all just have to move on.

Anyhow, first weekend of March, that plan materialized. We agreed to meet up in Megamall at 1500 and have an afternoon snack and dinner. I arrived around 1530, being stuck in traffic and having to buy my gift before showing up (which was Sophie Kinsella‘s new book, “I’ve Got Your Number“). We ate at Amici, which was a first for me.

I didn’t get a picture of the pasta nor Ate Val πŸ™ (my shyness has kicked in). The gelato above is my first. I always see Gelato stalls and shops but I’ve never tried it. Since Cookies n Cream is myy favorite, I played safe and chose that one. I love Gelato already! So tasty, creamy and doesn’t melt fast. Thanks to Ate for this! β™₯

Ate had to leave us, because she will attend church. We waited for her to catch a cab then proceeded to get NSO forms from the mall’s business center. I got two copies each for me and Sean. He needs a copy for him to get his NSO Birth Certificate and I need ones so I can get additional new copies (I had all my first batch used up for the passport and my school records).

We then roamed around the mall, looking at toys and playing in the arcade. I got to buy Nerds while Sean didn’t get to buy anything before Ate went back.

We then walked around and bought finger food for dinner. We first bought Matahari, the original and the veggie variants. I think these are Malaysian snacks and they’re very tasty (and not nakakaumay).

We then went to the food court and ate instant Shabu Shabu.

Sean bought drinks, which was supposed to be something else but the stall’s already close. This buko pandan coconut drink was so oishi! πŸ˜€

We went home after eating and parted ways when they aligned from the tricycle in their place. It was a very happy day with a lots of firsts – fun being with them, happy and felt loved that they don’t treat me indifferently.

Thank you Ate! Thank you Sean! Looking forward to the next one β™₯

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