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Collection: Stuff Toys

June 27, 2012

One of my collections involved cute little things that I call my ‘children’ — stuff toys. When I was younger, I had a doll giving to me on a special occasion which is as tall as me. I think I still have that one hidden someone in our house. There was also this white bear that was sent by my godmother from Aussie.

Everything I have today were mostly given by friends. Here’s a list of them:


Peewee’s hiding in my bag 😛

Peewee was an exchange gift that I got during 4th year high school, given by one of my friends Leslie. He was brought from Blue Magic. Actually it was my college mates who gave it a name. I bring it everywhere with me – in school and even when I was working in Makati.

From Best

Peewee with stuff toys from best 🙂

When my guy best friend from high school asks me what gift I want, I usually say “Kahit ano” (anything). And as far as I recall, these two are from him, also from Blue Magic. Didn’t gave them names though 🙁

The Studious Bear

I can’t find the pics of this one with my calculator and other school stuff :/

One of my ex boyfriends gave this to me sometime 2007. I call it The Studious Bear because I have it in school in place with Peewee and all its pictures are during our short free time between a class and our math class (or vice versa). I gave it back to him along with my other stuff, which I asked back and I only got the necklace (that’s for another story). Funny how this one ended up given to his now girlfriend lol (no comment~)


The latest one – Eustis 🙂

This white Angry bird stuff toy was Ate Val & Sean’s birthday gift to me this year. I named it Eustis because at the time, I was in love and in a relationship with a guy stationed in a place with the same name back then (he relocated). I have this beside me when I sleep. 🙂

Dream Stuff Toy

Oh! Don’t forget biiiiig teddy bears ♥

SM North Edsa 12/28/09

I don’t have one yet but even if I don’t have room for one, I would really want to have one. I used to say when the person I love gives me a big teddy bear, that’s who I’ll marry. Silly me 😛

I don’t have many, since I don’t have my own room to put them in. Hopefully in the future I will be able to collect as much as I can. Do you collect stuff toys too? 🙂

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