Accenture Shaping the Future Forum 2012 Experience [Updated]

August 3, 2012

I may be out-of-school but I make it a point to learn something new everyday, especially in my field of study. Learning isn’t situated only in the four corners of the classroom. Whether a new jargon, the latest news in technology or a new snippet of code, I never fail to update myself.

As far as I can remember, the last seminar/workshop I have attended was sponsored by Globe Labs & Microsoft (HTML5 + JavaScript and Developing Apps using Windows 8 Metro Style Apps Workshop). Fast forward to July 26 at past 6pm, I was already in queue outside the Isla Ballroom of EDSA Shangri-la Manila for the Accenture: Shaping the Future Forum 2012.

Feels like a student again.. No ID, no entry 😛

Accenture and MIT

The event exhibited through bazaar-type booths firsthand glimpse of different technologies and practices being used by Accenture to serve their clients all around the world.

Sadly, I wasn’t able to tour around since I opted to eat first. We wanted to go around after eating, but we were asked to go back to the mail hall since the program was already starting (therefore I didn’t have an entry for the raffle /sob).

It was a first that I was seated near the front so my pictures are (kinda) better than my usual. Moving on, the forum started with an opening speech and an introduction of the company to the participants.

The Accenture Shaping the Future Forum 2012 was brought to us by the partnership of Accenture and Massachusetts Institute of Technology through the Accenture Technology Academy (ATA). The forum is under the Faculty Lecture series and through this event, they are able to share the experience for a day to students and IT professionals. MIT involvement also includes an audio podcast series and a faculty-moderated board.

Senior Accenture employees and hosts

The Speaker

Image from

The highlight of the event was the talk of Dr. Srini Devadas of Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

He is part of the faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL).

Read more about him below or click his photo on the left or view his detailed curriculum vitae here:

  • Associate Head of EECS from 2005 – 2011
  • Areas of Expertise: VLSI Design, Computer Aided Design, Computer Architecture, Hardware Validation, Network Router Hardware, Computer Security and Computational Biology
  • Co-authored numerous papers and books in these areas
  • Consulted several companies in CAD, software, networking and security
  • Fellow of the IEEE since 1998.

The Talk

Dr. Srini Devadas
Dr. Devadas opened his talk with a quote.

In general, the forum talked about the future of computer programming by tackling the past (from the 19th century), the present and the year 2050. How computer programming is relevant in finding solutions to everyday challenges in our society and the three computer paradigms essential to today’s technology were also discussed.

As much as I would love to share my notes here (which was written back-to-back the two sheets of paper provided by Shangri-la and still unedited), this would be a very lengthy post.

UPDATE: Click here for my lecture notes. ^_^


This was my first time to attend the Shaping the Future Forum. Last year, I think I registered but I wasn’t able to come for some reason I can’t recall. The event was an eye opener for me. I got to see which problems are to be given priority to be solved. Given the whole picture of computer programming by tracing the roots, seeing the present technologies as well as the projected ones, I was given the insight for whatever software I will develop in the future.

I would like to thank Accenture for a couple of things:

  • giving me opportunities to attend these kinds of events – I may be an undergraduate but I have work experience under my belt and my registration was never declined, even once. Looking forward to upcoming events!
Sir Alvin of Accenture
With Sir Alvin and Ate Sophia of Frugal FiIipina Girls
  • taking care of the people who attend your events like how you take care of your employees – approachable organizers/staff/speakers, served with good food and opportunity to learn from the experts, nuff said.
Food served in the event.
Delicious food served in the event.
  • for making one of my dreams come true – MIT is my dream school overseas, and I hope that someday I’d be able to study there, but I’m okay to settle with the next best thing: being lectured in person by an MIT professor. I do take distance learning courses under Coursera and Udacity but nothing beats being able to learn face-to-face with an instructor.
Accenture Shaping the Future Forum 2012: Dr. Srini Devadas
Me with Dr. Srini Devadas ^_^

Note: See the rest of the pictures on my Flickr set.


  • The event ended later than usual but it was all worth it.
  • As usual, I hope they can give copies of the lectures.
  • More specific instructions/organization for everyone to maximize the time and the different activities present. My friend didn’t get a referral form. While we were at the booth area, they told us to go back after the forum. But then we lost our chance for the raffle.

Dr. Devadas closed his lecture with a quote and I leave this to you also (something along the lines of):

“Let’s all build software for a safer, healthier environment.”

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