Acer AC100 Micro Server Offers Flexible Server Solutions to the Market

October 28, 2012

When before data servers are as big as the biggest Hollywood star’s fancy home (pun intended), now it’s getting so small you won’t even see the difference between these new-generation servers and an ordinary-sized shoe box.

Well of course, it may be a bit exaggerated by today’s standards. But then again, who knows what the future brings?

From their newest laptop, the Acer Aspire One 756, to their exclusive 23-inch Acer 238PHL Olympic Games edition monitor: Acer, one of the world’s trusted IT brands, introduces its most reliable micro-form factor tower server—the Acer AC100 that combines value and full reliability. This so-called “start up” server definitely fits its role of taking care of small businesses’ daily office information technology needs—and more.

As a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device, the Acer AC100 lets you maximize the power of technology for your business, especially for the Small Office, Home Office (SOHO) set up. It is easier to manage and set up for companies who may have no independent IT manager of their own and the fact that it provides more computing power, it means more productivity at lesser costs to the companies’ operating expenses.

This flexible server solution is also so small that with its space-saving compact size, it can fit into smaller offices with people hardly noticing that it’s there. It also boasts of a clean and contemporary form factor that fits small office settings.

Operations-wise, the Acer AC100 micro tower server is very easy to use. The Acer LaunchPad and Dashboard applications provide for simple and trouble-free operation that allows businesses to maintain it even without the formal assistance of an IT expert. It even has a simplified data recovery process that allows for automatic daily backups to help secure the office’s important records and other significant files from being lost.

Storage is also very ample with the Acer AC100 micro tower server’s enormous storage capability that allows you to store up to 6TB (out of four 1.5TB hot-swappable hard drives). And the fact that it’s hot swappable, the Acer AC100 micro tower server has a soft-push door with key lock to protect intrusion of other hard drives and help secure valuable company files for worry-free safe-keeping.

The RAID (redundant array of independent disks) option, meanwhile, allows for unproblematic replacement or addition of new hard drives whenever necessary. Now how’s that for total flexibility in your hands?

Reading of files from other peripherals is also effortless as the Acer AC100 micro tower server supports multiple peripherals. Connecting your other USB-based gadgets—phone, laptop, desktop, tablets, MP3 player, printer, or just about any other device you can think of—is absolutely cool and stress-free.

So whether you’re a small office of 1-5 people or even up to 25 people, it doesn’t matter. The Acer AC100 micro tower server is ready and willing to perform office IT tasks for even a few clicks of your mouse or pressing keys on your keyboard. Productivity, ease-of-operation and simplicity is guaranteed, and all that at lesser costs. What more can you ask for?

So invest now on an Acer AC100 micro tower server and it will be your wisest business decision yet, something you will definitely never regret.

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