Ayala Triangle Gardens Sounds & Lights Show 2012

December 19, 2012
Ayala Triangle Park

Philippines is known to have the longest Christmas season in the world, as ours starts when the -ber months roll in. Expect a colorful and festive mood in everyone, traffic and almost every week mall sales included. One of the things I look forward to every year is the Dancing Lights and Sounds Show in Makati.

“Make It Magical” ♥

I remember when I was still an intern at a software development company way back 2009, it was my first encounter of the Dancing Lights & Shows Show at the Ayala Triangle Gardens.

People stop on their way to public transportation stations or malls to watch this treat. Thousands of lights couple with Christmas songs is a great way to get into the Yuletide spirit 🙂

Think they spend too much on this, electricity consumption wise? Think again. They used LED lights for each and every component of this production: cyber spheres, flash pods, meteor lights, intelligent lights, and laser lights.

This was taken around 6pm. The earlier shots were taken past 9pm.
This was taken around 6pm. The earlier shots were taken past 9pm.

It’s not everyday that I have in hand a better camera to take pictures with. These were actually taken way back November 16. Even if I was in a hurry from one event to another within Ayala, I spent a few minutes taking some photos. The place was packed past 6pm, so I thought of coming back after my event. I’m happy that I did and I was able to practice taking bokeh shots!


I loved how these two turned out. Don’t ask about the other ones :p

The Lights and Sounds Show runs every 30 minutes from 6PM to 9PM, until December 30 only. Three major roads in Makati (Ayala Ave., Makati Ave., and Paseo de Roxas) are also lined up with decorations and lights.


Did you already dropped by the Ayala Triangle Gardens? Took any photos? Liked any of my photos? Share your thoughts at the comments section below! 🙂

  1. if I was there, I will stop whatever I’m doing and watch the show… lightshows are always fun to watch… just look at lightwire theater in America’s Got Talent… of course, these is different from what lightwire theater did in the talent show..

  2. Awesome treat 🙂 gusto ko makita yan at take pictures under it. Nice to see those pictures posted in public.

  3. we have similar show here in our place every year… the lights are so amazing, especially when they glitter and shimmer!

  4. I do agree. The Philippines truly has the longest Christmas season in the world — one cool fact!

    I have never heard about the lights show in Ayala. Hmmm. Might check that one one day soon. I so hope to get the chance to spend my vacation in the Philippines sometime in December. I miss the holiday celebration in Pinas!

  5. I left the corporate world in 2009, the year when this sound and light show started. Too bad because my office is just a few blocks away from this venue. i haven’t watched this. Ayala Triangle is not a very accessible place for me anymore. Unless I have other stuff to work on in the area, i will definitely be missing this one again this year

    1. I’m positive to say that there will be a few videos on YouTube about this, I hope you can see those instead. Hopefully sometime next year you’ll be able to watch it in person 🙂

  6. I attended the light show last year and it was gorgeous. I brought my grandma and it was her first time to see it. She was really amazed 🙂 Then we had dinner at MOMO where they have one of the best restaurant Rieslings in Manila.

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