Every on-the-go tech yuppie’s dream: Phorce

December 24, 2012

I’m usually on-the-go and most of the time it’s a must for me to bring along my laptop, Neo. Sadly, not every corner in the city has an outlet that you can readily plug into when you really need it. Same thing goes for my smartphone, Shaylee. Using wifi/3G takes a toll in battery consumption, not to mention when I take pictures during events, listen to music on the road or verify my location/destination via maps. Well, good thing that’s about to change with Phorce.

I was browsing through my Facebook Design Interest list and read a post from Design Milk about this awesome super smart bag from Amsterdam. Why is it super smart? Not only can it charge up to three gadgets at the same time (from laptops to smartphones) or power your Mac for up to 7 more hours (thanks to the lightweight battery pack), you don’t need to carry around every single chargerΒ  for each of your devices.


Phorce can be used as a briefcase, a backpacker or a shoulder bag. It’s like having 3 bags in 1!


An especially-designed opening on its back allows you to slide Phorce over the telescopic handles of your trolley.

It will constructed using a durable, water-resistant, custom-coated fabric, feature waterproof zippers and impact-resistant padding. Minimalist in design, it is organized, has a 360 expansion zipper if you need extra space for your things, and light enough (1.7kg) to carry around.

Did I mention you will never lose or leave behind you bag again with the help of Phorce iPhone/Android app? The app communicates with the bag through Bluetooth and you will instantly receive an alert when the bag is out of range.

There will be two variations: one for USB (will retail at $349 or ~P14,300) and one for Mac (will retail at $449 or ~P18,400). Worthy to invest on, who says we couldn’t have it all? Read the rest of the details at Kickstarter.


  1. This bag seems very interesting, but I need to read more details about it before investing so much cash on it. An ideal bag for a serious blogger on the go though.

  2. I want one since I’m always using my smartphone and laptop every time I got bored and in my daily life.

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