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“Last Night A Friend Saved My Life.”

February 6, 2013

Hey there reader!

I hope you’re still around. While it’s been two weeks ago that I have written something from scratch, which was the quick and rushed announcement of our church’s Business Leadership Seminar, I am far from abandoning this blog.

I have no intentions of being M.I.A., but following God’s plans led me to stay with our January PEACE Team and assisted in every agenda for nine days (that will be discussed in detail on upcoming blog posts).

I did a lot of thinking though, despite being preoccupied every minute of the day running around Manila. One of them was being able to look back on why I decided to put up a ‘public’ blog in the first place, embrace writing as a hobby (coming from someone who is not a fan of doing essays for schoolwork lol) and why I use my name as my blog’s domain name.

I think it was during the course of one of many conversations with Marla that it made me realize that I have been a little off my reasons and goals when I started this blog. I became selfish and hungry for power in terms of authority. I have let figures affect me. I started to prioritize quantity over quality.

I’m from a technical background. I love technology to the point where I wanted to be the ‘one’ in the field (as a blogger). But I also love what I do for my church, helping people, music, reading, making new friends, trying out different cuisines, doing crafts and the list could go on. So should be this blog, because this is a reflection of my personality. I have and will reestablish my branding — not based on page rank, number of daily/monthly site visit, how much I earn from ads/paid posts nor the number of events I attend on a weekly basis.


Here’s a side story: one rest day during the mission trip, while we were looking around at The Fort, we found a cool shirt we both love at first sight but didn’t like the cut. I remade the design on Photoshop, added the Saddleback Manila Facebook page in front and my blog’s URL and Twitter handle at the back. Marla had printed one each for us and wore it during our Intramuros trip the next day!

Now that’s a wake up call! Hehe! There are times we forget what’s more important and I’m thankful because God reminded me of what I should be doing. This is just one of the many things that I have thought over and learned during the course of what I call an immersion. So I hope you stick with me when I tell the stories! I’d love to hear your stories too! 🙂

“I write to express, not to impress.”


The blogger that saved people’s lives (one way or another),


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