Philippine Daily Inquirer Launched 2 Websites, Collaborates with Blogging Community

April 24, 2013
Philippine Daily Inquirer launch two new sites.

Gone are the days that people solely rely on newspapers when searching for jobs, looking into good deals or posting their goods for trade, if not for word of mouth recommendations. The country’s number 1 newspaper, dedicated and diverse at 27, gives their readers more options.

Job Hunting in the Digital Age

I get a few calls or recommendations to undergo the hiring process on jobs related to my field. But before I step into an office building wearing my best smart caaasual wear and my biggest smile, I have to ask for money (if not. find other means) to pay for my fare, food, prepaid load and to print out my resume. And it’s not a one-time thing thousands of undergraduates and fresh graduates go through every day.

Good thing that technology provides ease in job hunting: people spend less resources and everyone has equal opportunities (click to tweet!). To cope up with changing times, your dream career is just a click away with  Philippine Daily Inquirer‘s Job Market Online ( / / Facebook / Twitter).

Register, create or upload your resume, search for jobs and apply for free — perfect for newly grads looking for their first employment! Employers, sign up, pick your preferred package plan, settle the payment then start posting your job vacancies! Site visitors also have access to career fair announcements, latest news feed from the Inquirer site, and career-related articles from experts.

Job Market Online from Philippine Daily Inquirer
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Aside from Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Job Market section every Sunday and Job Market Online, we have alternative means to know the latest job opening and get substantial career advice:

  • Tune in to PDI Editor Jesse Rebustillo‘s two-hour radio program Job Market sa Radyo Inquirer’ which airs Sunday afternoons at DZIQ 990 AM.
  • Get alerts on your mobile phone via Job Market SMS. To subscribe, text JOIN JM <category> to 4467. It works on any local network in the Philippines and costs P1.00/alert. Categories include:
    • Accounting
    • Admin
    • BPO
    • Construction
    • Education
    • Engineering
    • Finance
    • Healthcare
    • Hotel
    • IT
    • Media
    • Manufacturing
    • Marketing
    • Maritime
    • Sales
    • Sciences
    • Services
    • Others

Search, Sell. Shop. Click.

I look up online deals and avail discounted services once in a while. No doubt there is a big market for online shopping here in the Philippines. And with Pinoy Best Deals ( / Facebook /  Twitter), anyone can advertise their products and services! Whatever it is you’re looking for, consumers can easily navigate to the reliable merchants and latest deals. Register for free and start posting away with items for your online store or get in touch with a seller for that new gadget that caught your eye.

Pinoy Best Deals   Search. Sell. Shop. Click.
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Take advantage of the services brought to us by Job Market Online and Pinoy Best Deals! Maybe you’ll find here what you’re looking for 🙂


Thank you Mr. Richard Mamuyac for the invite. Thank you to Philippine Daily Inquirer family, especially Mr. Jesse Rebustillo, for the warm welcome.

Philippine Daily Inquirer staff and partner bloggers :)
*Philippine Daily Inquirer staff and partner bloggers featured in their newspaper! 🙂
Yours truly with fellow bloggers who won a book of Mr. Ernie Cecilia
Yours truly with fellow bloggers who won a book of Mr. Ernie Cecilia*

* Photo credits to Kuya Mac Vasquez of At Iba Pang Mga Pangyayari

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