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Bioessence Basic Slimming Package Review (Part 1)

May 13, 2013

Ooh, summertime~ ♪

It’s high time to flaunt your beach bods with friends or family! I, on the other hand, settled on wearing a shirt and shorts to hide my flabs and stretchmarks.

Sometime last year I stopped checking my weight when I hit 80 kg. – that was definitely hard to swallow. Being a tea drinker helped, because I lost the weight (with at least 30 minutes walking) and got back to my ‘maintained’ weight. As much as I’m comfortable with how I look, it’s not healthy.

Thankfully, a fellow blogger hooked me up with Bioessence for a Basic Slimming Package. A step in moving out of my comfort zone, I told myself it wouldn’t hurt to try. 🙂

‘Before’ picture with Bioessence staff! Ms. Cessy on black 🙂

Figure Analysis

My appointment was scheduled at Bioessence Slimzone, SM City Masinag. Upon arrival, I was served a cup of hot tea while I filled out an information sheet for figure analysis.


Ms. Cessy, my consultant, introduced herself, measured my height and had me step into an electronic weighing scale to determine the excess body fat I need to lose.

Actual weight: 164 lbs / 74.7 kg
Ideal weight: 125 lbs
Pounds to lose: 39 lbs

While explaining about the program, she asked me about my eating habits and my activities.

I was chubby back in high school but I was able to shed the weight early in my college days because I was active in playing PumpItUp!, a dance simulation game in the corner of Worlds of Fun. I had to stop, because my knees started hurting, coupled with stress from leaving school put me into binge eating.

Today, it’s either I’m at home or I’m out going to events/volunteer gigs. Walking is my exercise.

I didn’t tell her the part where my then-boyfriend left me because I gained weight, which fueled my frustration.

I learned that there are three stages in a slimming program: detox (removal of water retention), breaking, and firming.

Step 1: Slimtonic


To get started, I shook my fats to life (literally) by stepping into the Slimtonic machine for 10 minutes – which equals to 1KM of running without the sweat! I forgot what speed I started at but I can endure up to 20. Play around the speed levels and find the most that you can REALLY endure, not because you think it will help you lose weight faster.

I tried the sample positions on the machine which is useful if you want to focus on a specific problem area. But it’s fine if you just want to stand with feet apart.

You will know which area is worked on the most when you start feeling itchy (that’s normal!). Also try not to look down so you won’t feel dizzy.

It felt awkward at first because I’m not used to being looked at (some people actually stop and observe for a few minutes 😮 ) and I’m glad I love talking to Ms. Cessy, making me feel comfortable.

And like she said, it was fun and effortless!

Step 2 & 3: Liposome Detox Treatment + Thermal Heat

I was then escorted to one of the rooms to change. No need to bring clothes for the sauna, except extra undies, because they provide a robe, hair cap and shorts. Each room has a locker with padlock and key so you can secure your belongings.


Ate Irene was my therapist for the day and I felt at ease because like most of the employees, they are familiar faces (I used to get my facial way back at another branch).

Liposome Detox Treatment (P 1200/session) involves the application of slimming cream (made of seaweed),wrapping the arms and midriff down to the legs and exposure to thermal heat for 2o minutes. This helps flush out fluid retention and loss of unwanted body fat.

Barely there for a minute but I’m already sweating! Ate Irene checked on me every 5 minutes and gives me water to sip so I won’t dehydrate. This was my first time and I’m happy their sauna is sectioned and privacy is valued.

Step 4: Vibratrim

bioessence-g5Changing into dry clothes, I’m ready to break down stubborn fats and cellulites! Vibratrim (P 1000/session) uses G5, a mechanical vibratory machine that has five (5) different heads.

I start face down and Ate Arlene puts powder first. She used 4 heads, starting with a flat circular disk and ended with the fine toothed one.


The treatment felt more like a massage because it helped alleviate muscle strains and improve blood circulation along the way. Make sure to avoid your bones!

Post Treatment

Before going home, Ms. Cessy gave me Dietary Prescription and asked me to fill up a Daily Food Monitoring Sheet for further assessment. Additional reminders:

  • Do not to eat at least two (2) hours after the treatment.
  • Drink more lukewarm water at least two (2) liters per day.
  • Less salty and sweet foods.

Statistics: March 20, 2013

Bust – 108 cm

Midriff – 91.5 cm

Waist – 94.5 cm

Tummy – 93.5 cm

Hips – 104.5 cm

Thigh R – 59 cm

Thigh L – 61 cm

Knee R – 42 cm

Knee L – 42.5 cm

Calf R – 38.5 cm

Calf L – 38.5 cm

Arms R – 29.5 cm

Arms L – 30 cm


Thank you Bioessence, Ms. Anj Alip and Ms. Vance Madrid for the invite! ♥~

      1. Cool! I was skeptical and wanted to get first hand info. I found this on google and quickly related myself to u. After 2kids and not taking care of myself, I was also at 180lbs (june2013)..been exercising and eating right at 162lbs as of today and I’m contemplating on getting “scientific” help for the stubborn fats and loose skin, but dont know where to look..until now..thanks to your blog! Hoping for a part 2 with results?!

        1. I honestly just gave the treatment a shot. It helps, yes, but I think I can also get that if I ate well and I regularly exercise. All it takes is discipline. The biggest take out I have with the experience is being able to ‘wake up’ my cells. Back then I didn’t perspire as much kasi hehe. 🙂

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