2013 Manila Business Leadership Seminars in a Nutshell

July 10, 2013

One of Saddleback Manila’s most successful and sought-after event is the Business Leadership Seminar. A product of the PEACE Plan, specifically equipping servant leaders and educating the next generation, participants are sure to go home full of insights from industry leaders, both technically and spiritually.

Leading in the Digital Age, Cheerful Giving, and Integrity in Business

The first Manila Business Leadership Seminar was organized by Roland Navarro, Harmon Kong, Jake Villareal and Berto Guzman who are part of then visiting January PEACE Team. It was held last January 26, 2013 in AIC Gold Tower, Ortigas. The agenda included showing a video interview of Lynda Resnick and Pastor Rick Warren and a panel question and answer.


Discovering IT Careers, Personal Branding 101, and Discovering Your SHAPE

The second BLS was held at the same venue last April 13, 2013. I had printer problems that day but thank God for everyone’s patience and understanding. 🙂

Two members of the four-man April Human Trafficking Manila PEACE team were part of the speakers: Mr. Ron Gess and Mr. Damon Harrison, along with Mr. Boris Joaquin.

The highlight of this event is when someone surrendered her life to God! Amen!

“YOU… Branding That Lasts”

The third BLS, held last June 15 2013, was another experiment. We chose a different location (Big Shift Creativ Centrale, A. Venue Mall, Makati), focused on the topic personal branding and made it an whole day event. Our team worked closely with Salt and Light Ventures for email marketing and Sir Luis (Whiteboard.PH) for event conceptualization.

Powerhouse Speakers

We got a mixed crowd who were very attentive and game with the activities. Some of them got lucky with the raffle too!

It was a very stressful day but my church family kept me company ♥

Oops! Sorry for the mess :3
Oops! Sorry for the mess :3

Towards the end of the event, we had the photo booth set up (full photo set).

ANDDDDD a group shot is a MUST 😛



With free entrance, free food, industry leaders and a certificate of attendance to boot, many have been skeptic when we tell them such event is offered for free. A month has passed from the last run but I still get requests to conduct the seminar in colleges.

Personally, this activity requires a lot of time and effort from me, compared to my other responsibilities for the church. From the registration process and marketing online to the administrative work required during the event, I barely stand up from my seat and mingle with the participants. It all pays off when you get positive feedback and everyone’s smiling face. Here’s one that I posted on Facebook after the event:


Feedback from Participants

Our ultimate goal to share God’s Word and we’re happy to plant the seeds. Thank you to all speakers, volunteers and participants!

Til the next event.. 🙂

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