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Quick Update: I’m baaaaaaack!

September 17, 2013

Words can’t express how I really feel at the moment. A little over two years and my prayer was answered: I’m finally back in university!


It wasn’t easy, emotionally speaking, and many times I might not have noticed that I was losing faith in God and I was relying on my own strength. Last Sunday, the Word reminded us that God created everyone for a purpose bigger than us and He’s there every step of the way. Our lives are short and we don’t have control on events, only to our responses.

Like a lost sheep, God demonstrated His passionate love and faithfulness and led me back to Him every single time I get discouraged.

Praise Report

Me: Changing my curriculum (from 2005-2006 to 2013-2014), I was anxious to have additional subjects. There was also this mindset that I will have 1 penalty subject to comply since I already exceeded my residency.

God: After my evaluation at the Registrar’s Office, the personnel gave me the requirements for candidates for graduation. I only have 10 subjects (2 major electives, 5 CS and 3 non-CS subjects) to comply that I can take during the current (2nd) and next (3rd) term!

Me: I have to take 4 major electives and 3 free electives. I already did 4 major electives, 2 of each from different tracks, and 2 free electives. I was previously advised to get 2 major electives because one of them was tagged as free elective and the other was overlooked.

God: I cleared it up today with the registrar and college dean. All 4 major electives are credited as it is, which means I don’t have to enroll for those and I can take 1 free elective of my choice! 9 subjects na lang!

Me: My preferred schedule for one of my classes is already full 🙁

God: There’s another open section that has no conflict with my other subjects. The lab schedule for that class falls on Wednesdays, 5 – 8PM and I have another lab class on Saturdays, 2 – 5PM. My win: Thursdays’ still a free day!

Me: I’m going to take Software Engineering this term and Thesis B next term.. I don’t know anyone nor I don’t know what I’ll do!

God: Crossed my paths with people around my batch and got a partner for both subjects! Hooray!


Thank you everyone who has been unceasingly praying, guiding, and encouraging me! I know I have been difficult countless number of times but you all have been patient with me. Hope you will continue praying for good health, strength, wisdom, provision, etc. I’m still praying for more sponsors or a stable source of income to support my needs.

This may mean less blog events for me, but I still have lots of untold stories here and on my other blog!

It’s worth the sacrifice neh? ♥ 🙂

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