May 30, 2014

 A weekly roundup of interesting reads, photos and videos from around the web, handpicked by moi~

Happy Payday Friday guys! I will be traveling northbound at midnight instead of 9PM tonight to avoid the traffic situation in the metro. I’ve been excited for this trip for weeks now and finally it’s pushing through! I haven’t packed yet though haha!

Keep calm and make the most out of your time by hitting the theaters (Maleficent is beautiful!) first and reading through this list on your way home 🙂

Quote of the week! [source]
[long] Quote of the week 🙂 [source]
  • Working from home is challenging but don’t forget to have fun!
  • Make time for things that matter to you! It can be for writing, reading books, going to the gym or spending time with family.
  • What was one memorable lesson you learned as a child from your parents? For this guy, it’s entrepreneurial and social skills.
  • Sooner or later we don’t need to learn how to drive a car. We can have a self-driving unit instead! I hope ours is built with accuracy in dodging flying jeepneys :p
  • Have you ever wondered how much data is generated every second on the Internet? The folks at Penny Stocks Lab have an interesting answer.
  • It’s frustrating how screen size can limit what we can do with our phones, especially for people who have chubby fingers like me. How about playing Fluffy Bird beyond the screen? Say hello to better user experience with Fuffr!
  • Video of the week is.. *drum roll..*

Don’t forget to read my post that came out this week and stay tuned for the next weekly roundup! Have a great weekend ahead and God bless! <3


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