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[Review] Art of Oriental Healing at Thai Raksa Spa

July 11, 2014

I’ve been meaning to get a message for the longest time.

The unhealthy combination of slaving in front of the computer as long as I’m awake and not getting a good night’s sleep, among other personal things + the weather, has been taking a toll in my body. I’d rather sleep all day, I keep looking for food, and recently, my whole back from neck down is in pain. Sounds familiar?

Herald’s invitation was so timely I couldn’t say no. One Saturday I took a cab down Shaw Boulevard to attend bloggers’ event turned SPArty during Thai Raksa Healing Spa’s first year anniversary.

Thai Raksa Healing Spa Facilities and Interiors

The spa may look small on the outside but is actually spacious on the inside. The atmosphere was laid-back and comfortable. Unless you open the door, I did not hear the cars outside.

ยินดีต้อนรับสู่ Thai Raksa! :)
ยินดีต้อนรับสู่ Thai Raksa! 🙂
I've never been to Thailand but it does have that vibe if I may say so :)
I’ve never been to Thailand but it does have that vibe if I may say so 🙂
Therapy rooms are divided by thick curtains. [image source: Thai Raksa Facebook Page]
Everything's so easy on the eyes :)
Everything’s so easy on the eyes 🙂
The Healing Room is where Reiki sessions are performed.
The Healing Room is where Reiki sessions are performed.
There were many of these abstract images :)
There were many of these abstract images 🙂
Check out this shower room's flooring below :)
Check out this shower room’s flooring below 🙂

About Thai Raksa Healing Spa

What separates Thai Raksa from other spas, according to its owners Ms. Catherine Joyce and Mr. Rudy Corro Jr., is their focus on traditional and integrative medicine where oriental treatments compliment the western way.


  • MASSAGE : choose from a wide array of therapeutic massages: Thai, Swedish, Shiatsu, Pinoy Hilot, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Athlete’s Magnesium Oil Massage and Foot Reflexology Massage. Every massage therapist at Thai Raksa is DOH-licensed and a member of the Philippine Association of Licensed Message Therapist (PALMT).
  • ACUPUNCTURE : Among the oldest healing practices in the world, acupuncture involves inserting needles into specific points to manipulate the flow of chi in our body. The services of DOH-licensed acupuncturists from the members of the League of Acupuncturist and Integrative Medicine Practitioners in the Philippines (Acu-League), like Manong Willy, are employed. As part of their advocacy, they are gathering acupuncture practitioners to give them an opportunity to offer their services and train new ones to continue this practice.
Vlogger Alice Mate tried cosmetic acupuncture (anti-aging) :)
Vlogger Alice Mate tried cosmetic acupuncture (anti-aging) 🙂
  • REIKI : Also known as ‘energy healing’, this refers to a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing by the use of hands and life force. Facilitated by Ms. Catherine herself by appointment on Tuesdays and Fridays. She is a Nepal trained psychic with almost fifteen year practice on chakra and energy healing and also a DOH-licensed massage therapist.
Reiki may look like simple, but there's a science behind it :)
Reiki may look like simple, but there’s a science behind it 🙂

Thai Raksa Healing Spa Review

Since I’m still hesitant to try acupuncture and there’s a limit to the number of people who can undergo Reiki in a day, I opted for a Body Scrub + Thai Raksa massage package.

The body scrub contains a combination of white and pink Himalayan salt, coffee, and lavender. This makes your skin soft, smooth, smell good and help you whiten — all organic pa! I got to use the shower above to rinse it off. The spa provides shampoo, body soap, a pair of slippers, a robe, and towels for your use. Just bring an extra underwear just in case you don’t want to be in your birthday suit :3

Body scrub! Sorry folks, this is the only photo I took :P
Body scrub! Sorry folks, this is the only photo I took 😛

I was already feeling refreshed, but a little anxious. Filipinos like their massage hard, to which I am an exception because it makes me sick the day after. Mas nabubugbog yung katawan ko kesa ma-relieve yung pain. To my surprise, my therapist’s hands were very light but I felt the tension go away.

After the massage you get to rest for around 20 minutes. I might fall asleep for hours so I decided to dress up and go back to my fellow bloggers. Since I cannot consume cold drinks for at least an hour, we were given a cup of hot tea to complete the experience 🙂

With fellow bloggers and Ms. Catherine Joyce (on my left) 🙂 [image source: Thai Raksa Facebook Page]


  • I love how they are particular with cleanliness, inside out. Not a speck of dust nor a misplaced decoration in sight. Even the towels and slippers you use!
  • You get more that what you pay for. Where can you find a body scrub + massage package for only P599 in the metro?
  • I didn’t wake up feverish or aching the next day, which is a big plus in my books.
  • Everyone was warm and very friendly.
  • Room temperature was just right. There’s been too many times I was cold during a massage.
  • Aside from the treatment itself, like in the case of acupuncture or Reiki, you get a free consultation on organic alternatives for facial or what to eat to lose weight or what you can do to keep your balance and maintain positivity.
  • The spa is very accessible as it is located along the main road.

I’m definitely looking forward to experience Reiki. Let me think about acupuncture first :p

I love intimate events like this because we were able to sit down with the owners in a casual atmosphere and have interesting conversations. Thank you again to Ms. Catherine, Sir Rudy and Herald for invite me! 🙂

Thai Raksa Healing Spa

New address: Unit 1002 Paragon Plaza, EDSA cor Reliance St. Mandaluyong City

Landline: (02) 899 8902

Follow them on: Website



  1. Once again thank you for this blog post Dems for Thai Raksa Healing Spa. Hope to see you again at the spa.

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