PR: The Sweet Smiles of Caritas Kids

February 10, 2015

In the spirit of mercy and compassion brought about by the historic visit of Pope Francis, Goldilocks Bakeshop, in cooperation with Caritas Manila, capped off a six-month feeding program for underprivileged kids with a small celebration.

The culminating activity was conducted at the gym of the St. John Bosco Parish-Tondo, which coincided with the commemoration of the saint’s 200th birth anniversary.


Under the guidance of Caritas Manila, risk areas for malnutrition were identified, taking into consideration various effects including poor academic performance and associated health concerns. Aside from providing balanced meals, Goldilocks likewise monitored the progress of the participating children via weekly check-ups. “We made a determined effort to get the kids back on track in terms of their ideal age-to-weight ratio,” shared Cherry Caluya, Marketing Director of Goldilocks. “After six months, we were so happy to learn that all the participating kids achieved their marks,” she enthused.

As a welcome treat to mark the program’s conclusion, Goldilocks distributed their signature products (mamons, ensaymadas, and muffins) to the delight of those who participated. Joining the 500 kids were a number of senior citizens, who likewise appreciated the baked goods. “Programs like these are an integral part of who we are as a brand,” Caluya noted. “We are so honored to be given opportunities to share the love and. happiness that Goldilocks brings,” she concluded.

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