Six Picture-Perfect Places in Hong Kong

July 18, 2016

Any vacation is incomplete without anyone documenting it via photography. That’s why when you come to Hong Kong, get ready to snap away at the amazing sights you’ll be seeing!

Hong Kong is a city full of character, which makes it a haven for people who love taking photos. Take the following locations for example, which you can add to your itinerary on your next visit.

Take selfies at Ani-Com Park @ Harbour “FUN”!

This newly opened park celebrating the city’s booming animation and comic culture, located in Wan Chai, has 30 life-sized sculptures of original local ani-com characters that portray unique ways of Hong Kong living. But don’t stop there – the district is where old and new streetscapes meet, as well as Eastern and Western cultures.


Graffiti-style art wherever you go.

You’ll do a lot of walking in Hong Kong. If you like street art, you’ll love it more as the city’s alleys and walls are covered with it. Feast your eyes and your camera when you take a stroll down SoHo, where you can find the most interesting and impactful pieces.


Best beach in Hong Kong: Long Ke Wan

There’s more to Hong Kong than just a buzzing urban jungle! You don’t even have to go far for a Maldives experience as recommends Long Ke Wan in east Sai Kung for its long stretches of white sand and crystal clear waters. This beach, surrounded by a cape and two hills, is designed as an official campsite by the government.


Snap some birds or monkeys at Shing Mung Reservoir

Those who are into nature and animal photography will feel at home in this deep forested valley near Kowloon. The area is popular for leisurely strolls and bird watching amongst the tree-lined walkways and gurgling streams.


Biggest reservoir and most popular geological site – East Dam

If you’re looking for one of the best unexpected photography spots around Hong Kong, High Island Reservoir East Dam offers a surreal scenery. Expect amazing millions-of-years-old rock formations, including the famous hexagonal volcanic columns that can be observed at close range from its trails, with waves from the South China Sea crashing onto huge rocks along the coast.


Natural landscape for adventure seekers – Hong Kong Geopark

Take a boat ride for a picture perfect view that winds through rock caves and beaches in Hong Kong Geopark, one of the most inspiring corners of the territory. Foodies will also enjoy a Geo Gourmet feast in any of the restaurants surrounding Sai Kung town.


I know I won’t need to filter these picturesque places when I share it on my social media accounts using my ZenFone Selfie! I look forward visiting them in the near future 🙂

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  1. Thanks for this lovely tips i like the beach recommendation, i’m planning to go to hongkong next year and there is so many to see in hongkong but i have a limited time only LOL, but thanks for sharing this. ^^

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