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[Film Guide] MovieMov 2020: The Italian Film Festival Online

April 16, 2020
MovieMov 2020 Italian Film Festival

MovieMov 2020 Italian Film Festival returns to the Philippines in its 5th edition online this April 21 to 26.

A global pandemic will not stop the Philippine Italian Association (PIA) from bringing the best of Italian cinema to Asia and the Philippines. MovieMov 2020 or the annual Italian Film Festival will showcase seven (7) contemporary titles of drama, comedy, and thriller genre. The film selection was made by the PIA together with the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) and university students.

The event is staged on a real virtual cinema where audiences can select seats and interact with directors and actors via a chatbox, thanks to MyMovies, a website dedicated to Italian cinema.

MovieMov 2020 Film Lineup

Fiore Gemello / Twin Flower
2018 | Italy | Drama | 95 min | Laura Luchetti

Sixteen-year-old Anna is on the run, escaping from a violent event that traumatized her. Because of what has happened to her she has lost her voice. On the road she is rescued by Basim, a sixteen-year-old illegal migrant from Ivory Coast. Finding shelter in the beautiful and mysterious land of Sardinia their lives become a dark-tale in a world that is all too real.

Genitori Quasi Perfetti / Parents in Progress
2018 | Italy | Comedy | 85 min | Laura Chiossone

Simona is a single mother who lives for her son Filippo. While organizing his eighth birthday party, she faces the anxiety of getting everything right. At the party, an unexpected performance by Filippo breaks the mold and triggers a domino effect of actions and reactions that bring the party to derail.

Il Colpo Del Cane / The Dog Snatch
2019 | Italy | Comedy | 93 min | Fluvio Risuleo

On their first day as dog sitters, Rana and Marti lose a rich lady’s french bulldog they were looking after at. The girls realize the dog has been stolen by a phony vet who calls himself Dr. Mopsi. Who’s this man and why he kidnapped the dog? It will be necessary to investigate his past to find out.

Il Testimone Invisibile / The Invisible Witness
2018 | Italy | Thriller | 102 min | Stefano Mordini

Adriano wakes up in a hotel room next to the dead body of his lover, Laura. The door is locked from the inside and there is no evidence of anybody else in the room. Despite his claims of his innocence, the man is charged with murder and chooses Virginia Ferrara, a veteran criminal attorney who has never lost a trial, to decide the defensive strategy…

La Dea Fortuna / The Goddess of Fortune
2019 | Italy | Drama | 114 min | Ferzan Ozpetek

Alessandro and Arturo have been together for over 15 years and, despite the feeling they still have for each other, their relationship is now at crisis. When Alessandro’s best friend, out of the blue, asks them to take care of her two kids for a few days, something changes in their daily routine and love will drive them to a crazy and unexpected turn in their life.

La Dolce Vita
1960 | Italy | Comedy | 174 min | Federico Fellini

Marcello is a journalist who writes for the society pages, covering events and personalities well-known in via veneto circles. his profession leads him to live a similar life to his subjects, indifferent, flighty and superficial. one day after having witnessed just how low life in these circles is and how supposedly happy a friend of his is with his family, he toys with the idea of marrying his long-standing girlfriend and settling down. but some time later he discovers that all was not what it seemed with his friend and once again throws himself into superficial society life. when he encounters a young woman by chance, it seems that she wants to tell him something, but try as he might, he fails to hear.

Lontano Lontano / Citizens of the world
2019 | Italy/France | Dramedy | 90 min | Gianni Di Gregorio

Three Italians in their seventies decide to quit their community life to settle abroad. The Professor, retired after teaching Latin his whole life, is getting bored. Giorgetto, one of the last true Romans, struggles every month to make ends meet. Attilio, a hippie antique dealer, wants to experience again the emotions of his youth travels. Things will change, but not quite as they expected.

Admission & Screening Schedule

Screenings are FREE via the e-venue: https://www.mymovies.it/virtual-theatre/moviemov/. No registration needed but note that the virtual movie theater can only accommodate 300 slots per film. All films will be shows in their original language with English subtitles.

Apr 21 / TuesGenitori Quasi Perfetti / Parents in Progress9:00 pm
Apr 22 / WedLontano Lontano / Citizens of the world9:00 pm
Apr 23 / ThursLa Dea Fortuna / The Goddess of Fortune9:00 pm
Apr 24 / FriIl Testimone Invisibile / The Invisible Witness9:00 pm
Apr 25 / SatFiore Gemello / Twin Flower9:00 pm
Apr 26 / SunLa Dolce Vita (TBC)5:00 pm
Il Colpo del Cane / The Dog Snatch9:00 pm

MovieMov 2020 Italian Film Festival is produced and organized by acplaytown Roma. Visit the MovieMov official Facebook page and the MovieMov 2020’s event page for updates.

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