5 household appliances to invest in for a better home this 2021

January 22, 2021

The new normal lifestyle is not going away anytime soon so consider upgrading your home without breaking the bank with these new offerings from XTREME Appliances.


Make your viewing time enjoyable with the 43″ XTREME X-Series Android TV (P12,990) with full high definition picture, enhanced sound technology (Dolby), internet connectivity, and pre-installed apps. This Google-certified TV runs on Android OS and has a built-in Google. Play Store for added content. The unit can stream from Netflix, Prime Videos, YouTube Music, Spotify, etc., and is equipped with a fast cast option for larger and clearer mirrored viewing from your mobile device. Voice command can also be set-up via remote control for the convenience of families with little ones and older relatives. More features available here.


Up your quarantine menu by having the right and quality tool in your kitchen with the 50CM XTREME Home Gas Range Pro (P10,990). This upgraded version, which comes in Matte Black design, features a sophisticated body with a new handle and glass lid cover. It comes with a 4-burner with a cast iron grid for holding the heat longer, an electric ignition system for lesser gas consumption, and a multi-functional double glass door over for baking and heating.


Keep the heat and smell from your kitchen at bay with the XTREME Home Rangehood (P3,995 for 60CM, P6,495 for 90CM). It is made of stainless steel material and has a charcoal filter, LED light, 3-speed push button setting, and a maximum airflow of 450 m3/h 2 motor – useful in removing and filtering airborne grease, combustion products, and other damaging pollutants that are being released while cooking.


Washing the dishes doesn’t have to be a tedious chore when you use the XTREME Home Countertop Dishwasher (P15,995 for 6L, P14,995 for 6.5L). This helps clean with fewer resources, keep delicate utensils safe, and maintain a hygienic and clutter-free kitchen space. It comes with two models (6L and 6.5L) that can be connected directly to the faucet, has LED light, 7 programs, and a self-cleaning filter. What sets them apart is the touch control and water tank installed in the 6L model.


Make your space comfortable for work and play with the 10L XTREME Home Air Cooler (P5,695).  Say goodbye to sinus issues, chapped lips, dehydrated throat, and dry eyes with its humidifying function. Other important features include 7 hours timer, waterless protection, and remote control.

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