4 Useful Job Hunting Tips for Fresh Grads

August 9, 2023

Now that you’ve achieved the significant milestone of graduating from your degree program, it’s now time for a new and exciting chapter of your life to start: the one where you join the workforce and start a new career.

You may be totally thrilled to start your professional journey and to capitalize on awesome new career opportunities. But you’re likely also anxious about finding a position that fits your experiences, as well as compensation that will allow you to achieve financial independence as soon as possible.

Fresh grads have additional hurdles to clear at this juncture of their lives compared to those who already have careers. After all, it’s not easy to land a job without any prior work experience or connections to the industry. There’s also the challenge of standing out in a highly competitive job market, where other newly graduated job applicants are all vying for good entry-level positions.

But fret not—below are some valuable job-hunting tips tailored to fresh graduates like yourselves. These should help you navigate the job market with confidence and increase your employability for your dream careers.

1) Utilize Job Hunting Sites and Social Media Platforms

One of the greatest advantages you have as a fresh grad in today’s digital age is a wealth of online resources to help you apply for jobs based not only in the Philippines but abroad as well. Job search sites, social media platforms, and company websites all provide new job seekers with hassle-free ways to search for job openings and connect with potential employers online.

Some platforms, particularly online job boards and job sites, even let you refine your search so you can apply to vacancies that suit your preferences. For example, if you’re looking for Cebu jobs that cater to entry-level applicants, you can find a job board that will let you toggle their search settings to easily find a list of job vacancies in Cebu City.

Do your best to regularly check these platforms for new job postings, and set up job alerts to receive notifications for relevant positions. Don’t hesitate as well to follow companies you’re interested in on social media to stay updated on their latest job openings and company news.

2) Customize Your Application Materials

Next, when looking for jobs, consider the ways that you can stand out from the rest of your fellow fresh graduates. A more distinct job application will make you more memorable to employers and recruiters, which will in turn increase your chances of having your application considered.

There are several ways that you can make yourself more noticeable in the job market. For starters, take the time to tailor your application materials for each position you apply to. It’s also a good idea to use a visually appealing, yet professional format when writing your resume or curriculum vitae (CV).

Avoid sending generic-looking resumes and cover letters, as this may make you look like you didn’t put any effort into your application. Instead, give your resume or CV personal touches, and write custom cover letters to demonstrate your interest in a particular role and what the company does. You can also highlight relevant academic achievements, projects, and extracurricular activities that showcase your skills and reflect your aptitude for a specific position.

Quantify your accomplishments with specific numbers or percentages where possible to make your application look more impressive. Lastly, make sure that any documents you submit are readable, neatly formatted, and well-designed to give off the most professional impression.

3) Enhance Your Digital Presence

To increase your chances of getting an interview and landing the job, it’s also in your best interest to ensure that your social media accounts and personal website give off a professional image. Recruiters and potential employers may check the online profiles of their applicants, as these can give them a good idea of candidates’ personalities and whether they’re a good fit for the company culture.

Knowing that, be sure to update your public social media accounts accordingly. You can showcase your education and skills, as well as highlight any relevant projects or achievements you’ve done in the past. If you’re applying for a job that will require you to showcase your visual or creative side, consider putting together a digital portfolio or showcasing your work on a personal website. And if you don’t already have a professional-sounding email address, it’s a good idea to create one so that recruiters can take
you seriously.

4) Network to Expand Your Connections

Lastly, building a strong professional network is invaluable in your job search. If you’re successful at networking, your connections may lead you to incredible career opportunities in your chosen industry. Simply attending career fairs, industry events, and virtual networking sessions will put you closer towards potential employers and professionals in your field of interest. Take advantage of opportunities to engage with them and get possible referrals, which will increase your chances of landing a job in that field.


As a fresh grad, you’ll find that venturing into the job market for the first time will be both an exciting and daunting experience. Try these job-hunting tips to increase your viability as a hirable candidate, and put in the grit and hard work to turn your career aspirations into reality.

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