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October 13, 2023

The company won this year’s Asia Telecom Awards.

Bringing the country’s industry up to international standards can be a handful. Still, the efforts of ZTE Philippines harked in the era of faster internet speed in the Philippines through their introduction of the ZTE XGS-PON solution and their innovative ecosystem strategies in human resources. These initiatives have earned the company the Technology Innovation of the Year – Philippines Award and HR Initiative of the Year – Philippines Award at the 2023 Asian Telecom Awards.

The awards programme recognises the efforts of Asia’s telecommunications companies in bringing the best products and services into a challenging market, and ZTE distinguished itself from the competition through the use of ZTE XGS-PON for network expansion and its Filipino Localization Improvement Program (FLIP) for the competency development of local engineers and localisation improvement.

Technology Innovation of the Year – Philippines

As the country’s first technology solutions provider with the XGS-PON Solution, Converge ICT Solutions Inc. has bested competitors and has solidified its reputation as the fastest-growing fibre internet company in the Philippines. It leads the industry in providing residential XGS-PON services in the country.

Converge has long been strengthening its world-class digital infrastructure to cater to the connectivity needs of Filipinos, and the XGS-PON solution is another upgrade that will boost the network’s performance.

The XGS-PON enables the industry-first average speed of 8 Gbps in the Philippines, bringing a first-world country experience for the Converge clientele and catering to more bandwidth-hungry applications, more users and more devices.

The XGS-PON solution allows Converge to utilise ZTE’s 10-Gigabit-capable symmetric passive optical network infrastructure in its aggressive plans in the future, with the benefit of low upgrade costs in the long run.

Infrastructure was also reused to save more on costs, as the XGS-PON and G-PON technology can co-exist within a single facility, with Converge properly managing the interwork between the two systems and changing the pluggable to enable higher bandwidth for subscribers.

Through the collaboration of ZTE and Converge, customers have seen a steady boost in bandwidth, and there has been a speeding up in the decommissioning of copper wiring for connectivity.  It can be noted that Converge has offered fast upgrades for its subscribers at a lesser cost, helping 40% of the company’s bottom line with a quick turnaround time of just one day.

HR Initiative of the Year – Philippines

ZTE’s growing business provides more employment opportunities to local engineers and business partners. To further advance the digital economy of the Philippines, ZTE launched FLIP and introduced several localisation initiatives and talent cultivation programmes.

FLIP includes a carefully planned talent management strategy and approach to recruiting, developing, and cultivating digital talents. In line with this, a strategic cooperation MOU has been made with two of the country’s leading universities. The MOU works as an Industry-Academe Linkage Program (IALP) that fosters stronger industry-academe partnerships and establishes a pipeline for future full-time local employees. FLIP and IALP are further supported by three of ZTE’s STAR (Skill, Talent, Attitude, Responsibility) programmes: the ZTE STAR graduates programme, the ZTE STAR scholarship programme, and the ZTE STAR internship programme.

In-house training and development programmes have further supported ZTE’s push towards success, as the Knowledge Delivery Training programme (KDT) and the LEAD (Localization Excellence and Achievement in Delivery) programme aim to develop local employees in terms of skills, knowledge, capability, and competency.

ZTE Philippines has collaborated with the International Project Management Association (IPMA) Philippines to strengthen the project management competencies of its local employees through professional training, exams, and certifications.

All these initiatives and partnerships initiated by ZTE Philippines steer the company toward a successful direction and improve upon the country’s economic development.

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