Airbnb reveals this year’s top holiday spots for Filipinos

December 15, 2023

Airbnb is wrapping up 2023 by revealing its annual holiday season trends*, revealing trending domestic and international destinations, as well as the Airbnb Categories that are popular among Filipinos.

With travel returning in full swing this year, Filipinos are exploring more off-the-beaten-path destinations or crossing borders to soak up different cultures.

Domestically, Filipinos are gravitating towards the country’s pristine waters, with the laidback city of Sorsogon City in Bicol as the leading trending destination* for the holiday season. Following closely are beach destination San Felipe in Zambales and urban retreat Las Piñas City in Metro Manila. Hotspots Puerto Princesa in Palawan and Boracay in Aklan remain popular among locals.

Filipinos are also looking to cross borders this holiday season, with a particular fascination for various cities in the Land of the Rising Sun. Taito has notably claimed the top spot as the most searched international destination, celebrated for its multifaceted charm. Hong Kong follows closely behind, with more Japanese cities such as Shinjuku and Osaka completing the list of sought-after destinations.

Tropical stays are at the top of Pinoy travelers’ itineraries, making it the most booked Category* of the season. Iconic Cities take the second spot, while outdoor enthusiasts drive the popularity of Amazing Pools, National Parks, and Golfing categories, reflecting a growing trend among Filipino travelers seeking unique outdoor experiences.

With the holiday season fast approaching, Filipinos can take advantage of the new major upgrades including Guest Favorites, Revamped ratings and reviews, and Listings tab. Here are some Airbnbs in both domestic and international trending destinations to get those planning started!

  • With Sorsogon’s rich natural resources, this Stay in Luzon’s southernmost province gives you the best of both worlds–the views of Mt. Pulog and Mt. Bulusan and the beaches of Bacon, which is only a few minutes’ ride away.
Getaway villa in Sorsogon
  • If it’s basking in the summer vibes you’re looking for, even during the holidays, gather up the barkada at this Zambales stay in San Felipe – a tropical beach hut just a short walk away from Liw-Liwa Beach and its bustling beach scene.
Summer year-round in a modern kubo home in Liwliwa Beach
  • Fit for families exploring Japan for the first time, this Stay right at the center of Taito City not only gives top-tier aesthetics but also offers convenience, being just a short walk from Asakusa station. The station provides easy access to a variety of food and retail spots, enhancing the overall experience.
Rental unit in Taito City, best for families!
  • Discover the charm of Central, Hong Kong, with a loft-style apartment situated in a prime business and retail hub, all while enjoying stunning skyline views for a memorable stay in this vibrant metropolis.
Apartment with panoramic views in Central

To kickstart your holiday trip planning, explore these holiday hacks for the best domestic or international stays at

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