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Buddy up for battle with LINE FRIENDS on PUBG MOBILE

February 6, 2024

Get ready to squad up with adorable companions! PUBG MOBILE, a global mobile gaming phenomenon, welcomes the charming world of LINE FRIENDS starting February 5.

Dive into the action with a brand new in-game companion, themed items and sets, plus a special Year of the Dragon event that’ll ignite your battles!

Originally introduced in 2011 as stickers for LINE, a mobile messenger app boasting over 200 million users globally, LINE FRIENDS quickly became a sensation. The global character brand is renowned worldwide, with original characters such as BROWN, CONY, and SALLY capturing the hearts of audiences with their fun personalities and adorable appeal.

PUBG MOBILE players can elevate their in-game style with a cute LINE FRIENDS companion, sets, and items, including LINE FRIENDS Buddy SALLY, LINE FRIENDS Dragon SALLY Buddy Set, LINE FRIENDS Dragon BROWN Set, LINE FRIENDS Dragon CONY Set, LINE FRIENDS CHOCO Dress Set, LINE FRIENDS LEONARD Raincoat Set, plus the first ever IP upgradeable motorcycle, the LINE FRIENDS Lovey Dovey 2-Seat Motorcycle, and more. These special LINE FRIENDS items will be available until March 3rd and promise a fun and fashionable addition to the PUBG MOBILE experience.

PUBG MOBILE and LINE FRIENDS are also delighted to introduce a brand new IP-themed Royale Pass event Prize Path! After activating the system with a one-off spend of UC, players will unlock missions to earn points and claim special LINE FRIENDS rewards, including the motorbike and Sets, and immediately get their hands on the LINE FRIENDS Dragon BROWN Set and LINE FRIENDS Dragon BROWN Cover. Earn even more special LINE FRIENDS rewards including LINE FRIENDS avatars, LINE FRIENDS avatar frames, and LINE FRIENDS Player Card by collecting specific items through the event.

Players can also claim more rewards by completing missions in the LINE FRIENDS Party event, available until February 8.

This is the second time PUBG MOBILE has worked with LINE FRIENDS, with the first team-up in 2021 bringing four weeks of themed limited-time events and challenges as LINE FRIENDS’ endearing charm met the action-packed world of PUBG MOBILE.

The PUBG MOBILE and LINE FRIENDS team-up will be available from February 2nd to March 3rd. Download and play the game for free on the App Store and Google Play Store to try the new content.

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