Enjoy Worry-Free Smart TV Viewing: Samsung Knox Earns Top Security Certification

March 10, 2024

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. recently announced that Samsung Knox, the trusted security solution integrated into its 2024 TVs, has achieved Common Criteria (CC) certification ahead of product launch.

The CC certification stands as a global benchmark, acknowledged by 31 countries worldwide, for assessing the security integrity of IT products. Samsung has now achieved 10 consecutive years of CC certification for Samsung Knox, a top-tier security solution for its TVs that has continued to improve year over year. This year, Samsung Knox demonstrates its global security excellence with validation before the 2024 TVs are available to consumers on the market.
“As our daily lives become even more connected, Samsung understands the fundamental need that customers have for the privacy and security of their personal information,” said Yongjae Kim, Executive Vice President of the Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “With this in mind, we’re proud to have achieved 10 consecutive years of CC certification for Samsung Knox on our TVs, based on the continual strengthening of our security measures and standards.”
The CC exists to ensure consistent and rigorous integrity evaluation standards for IT products and continues to improve the efficiency of evaluation and certification. With improved evaluation and consistent standards, the CC aims to bolster confidence in the security of certified IT products. The CC certification comprises a Protection Profile (PP) and a Security Target (ST). Samsung Knox has successfully met the Security Target and achieved the standards for the CC.
The CC certification underscores three core security features of Samsung Knox:
Tizen OS Monitoring: Samsung Knox actively detects potential hacking threats in real-time, flagging any unauthorized changes in critical sectors of Tizen OS, the core of Samsung TVs.
Phishing Website Blocking: Samsung Knox verifies web pages accessed by users, preemptively blocking any phishing sites to safeguard user data and privacy.
Enhanced Personal Information Protection: Samsung Knox ensures seamless protection of users’ sensitive personal data through a secure connection with Samsung Knox Vault, a dedicated processor for security functions.
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