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In the Philippines, ‘spring cleaning‘ is often done after getting flooded. Say hello to rainy season and bye bye to your tight-fitting clothes, unused gifts, or old but in working condition electronics! I’d say let go of the things and make money out of it.  How? Post it for sale on AyosDito.ph!

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PhotoJeepney, Your Online Photo Studio (Review + Giveaway)

Our family loves taking pictures. Each of the 36 shots on our film camera was carefully not wasted. Photos were displayed at home, either framed or inserted in the family’s photobook, including those taken way back the 70’s. I knew digital photography in 2000’s, when going to photo studios and getting group shots were a thing. Sadly, pictures got water damage because of floods, if not fading or getting lots of creases.

I don’t have fine Photoshop skills (which I proved during my high school Photoshop class trying to reconstruct my aunt’s fancy Santacruzan photo) so I’ll let experts work on photo restoration/reconstruction.

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