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Configuring your Globe Squish

November 20, 2011

So you decided to try Globe Squish out of curiousity. You sent SQUISH to 2910 and downloaded the java app.

But what is Squish exactly? According to Globe’s Squish website:

Squish is a one-stop social spot where you can stay in touch with your Squish friends AND bring together all your other online activities from different sites. From instant messaging, chatting, posting and social gaming, it’s all seamless and easily accessible on any mobile phone from Java and Symbian phones to the latest smartphones like BlackBerry, iPhone, and Android. 

So what’s next? Configuring your settings to make it work. I had problems with the one before. Now, here’s how:

1. Go to “Settings” and then “Configuration”.
2. Personal config. settings and add (a new setting). Click “Access point” and set an account name (something that you yourself can recall easily).
3. On the same page, set up your “Access point settings” and go to “Bearer settings”.
4. Click on “Packet data acc. pt.” and key in:
5. Save it and go back to the main configuration settings. Once you’re there, click on “Preferred access pt.” then choose the name that you have just set (refer to item 2).
6. Then go to “Personal config. sett.” again and click “Options”, “Add new” and then select “Web”. Make sure that in your “Use pref. access pt.” is set on “Yes”.
7. Go back to main configuration settings and click on the default settings. Make sure that your “Personal config. settings” is set as your default.
8. After this, click on “Act. Def. in all apps.” in your main configuration settings.
9. Then try launching Squish.

Squish is free for the first 30 days from first use of the application, using myGlobe Connect.

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