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November 7, 2011

I love food. I’m the type of person who loves to eat and don’t fuss about the weight gain. I love to try new restaurants and give my feedback/recommendation about it. Above all, I’m a sweet tooth. I love cakes, ice cream and chocolate. It definitely makes my day especially when I’m down or blue or just down right stress.

I stumbled upon a blog post linking love and sweets. It’s a good read. See for yourself 🙂

Girls who love cake are underrated.

Too many posts have been dedicated to the girl who runsreadsdances or eats. Crazy as it may sound, I think we could all afford to stop and celebrate the girl who can sit in a restaurant, fork poised readily in her hand, meticulously eyeing the dessert menu for just the right one. The girl who is  an ardent believer in the philosophy that sweet is a science. The girl who is more than ready to have her cake and eat it, too — yes, in the most literal sense possible.

I choose to honor this girl because this week, I became her. This week, I was ambushed with six different cakes, with singing waiters, with roses, with candle-blowing and with pictures taken by smiling friends.

This week, I became the girl with a wild passion for sugar. A cake connoisseur of the world. Which got me thinking about the possible metaphor baked between the lines. (See what I did there?)

Truth: I have always wanted to participate in the Date A Girl series. A lot of people would safely assume that I’d write about being a writer, a reader or a teacher. But I know that the challenge for any man worthy of me would be to take me for the relentless dessert fiend that I am.



Date a girl with a sweet tooth, who stares down the dessert menu like it has to prove its worth to her. She possesses a free spirit.

She is unafraid, unmoved and unimpressed by the threat of calories. And, let me tell you: any girl who looks at fat without fear is most likely going to give you a relationship that’s as fun and exciting as her favorite pastry.

One that’s tangy like blueberry and rich like chocolate; layered like trifle cake and deliciously gritty, like fresh-out-of-the-oven sans rival.

The girl who loves cake — ala mode or not — is a fan of simple pleasures. She’s a cozy diner, one who won’t be won over by grand or fancy. She believes, at the core, that price and size are very poor indicators of lasting goodness. Her eyes gloss quickly over presentation because she knows that, sometimes, rotten cakes come in pretty packages.

She also knows that, sometimes, it’s the smallest slice that leaves the most lasting impression.

This sugar aficionado believes in (and, perhaps, epitomizes) the value of sweetness. She knows that there is great precision to it — that too much is overwhelming while too little is dull. Both wisdom and experience have shown her that, whether with desserts or with life, the perfect recipe always involves balance; manipulating the tension between two absolutely polar ends and being able to do so with grace.

When life gets bitter or sour or burnt, the girl who loves cake knows how to ride the wave that will carry her out towards sweeter pastures.  And if you’re lucky, she will excitedly take you along with her on the journey.

Date a girl who loves cake because she believes in the beauty of happy endings. She can go through platters of appetizers and breeze through the main course, yet no matter how amazing they all are,  she remains expectantly hopeful that dessert is on its way. That it is going to be great. That the best is just around the bend, always yet to come.

Now, tell me: what wouldn’t you be able to achieve with a girl like that?

Credits to everyday-isa :3

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