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November 1, 2011

I’m the type of person who doesn’t gamble on stuff, with or without money involved. It’s against my belief that I people have to put in line money in order to prove something. I said, gamble, not take risk nor not try my luck.

I remember the first time that I really devoted my time for an event is when I was still playing Lineage II. Me and my friends would wait for the question and location announced by the Guardians & Game Masters. We would figure out the location of the GM, all the while looking for the answer on the Internet. I have won one of the legs of that event.

In real life, I rarely join online giveaways on Facebook. Because I get disappointed when I don’t win, considering I know about statistics and stuff =P And unless it’s something I want/need and it isn’t as time consuming for me to do the mechanics. That’s where I stumbled upon Nikko B.’s post on WebGeeks PH Group.

Giveaway contest post on WebGeeks

The name is catchy and sparked some interest within me. So I checked its Facebook Page. So what is Pabenta!?

PABENTA! is a FREE online e-commerce social network for shoppers and store owners. Create a FREE online store for your shop today! – taken from Pabenta! FB Page

Being a bookworm who thought about buying Nicholas Sparks’ new book, I tried my hand on the contest. Liking the page and tagging myself in the cover photo album, it’s as simple as that. I just waited for a few hours to see if I won or not. And viola~ results *insert drum roll*

Never expected this one ’cause I’ve never been that lucky with raffles. Nikko messaged me ASAP to settle on claiming my prize. I said we meet up at 11am and he told me to meet up at Kenny Rogers. I was on official business so I arrived a little before 12nn at the meeting place. (Sorry Nikko =])

He’s very nice and accommodating. We talked about a bit about random IT stuff. He showed me a preview of his website, Pabenta! I opened the prospect of creating a preview article for it, which I will be working on soonest.

I got my goodie. Thank you! 😀 (taken by Nikko)

Today I learned to just keep on taking risks on these stuff, as long as it’s legal and valid. And to not get my hopes up to much. Keep it something fun. There’s no harm in trying.

If you want to learn more about Pabenta! and/or want to reserve an account URL, click here.

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