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What If..?

February 5, 2012

I just finished watching Grey’s Anatomy latest episode: Season 8 Episode 13 “If/Then”. The episode revolves around an alternate reality wherein Meredith Grey is living the life of ‘Meredith Webber’ in Seattle Grace Hospital.

Practicing Cardio, her parents are Elise Grey (Chief of Surgery, has no Alzheimer’s) and Richard Webber.

She is engaged to Alex Karev (Mr. Sunshine and her ‘person‘ is April Kepner (who revealed to be sleeping with Alex). His line is: “we create our own destiny”. Alex cries in the elevator and was found by Bailey, saying she [Meredith] was a good thing and he had a chance to change but he screwed up as always.

Christina Yang (still practicing Cardio) is an outcast in the circle of interns, kinda like the antagonist. She and Meredith always throws insults back and forth. At the end of the episode they went to a bar and Yang taught her how to drink Tequila.

Owen Hunt (Head of Trauma) is the husband of Callie Torres (Head of Cardio), wherein they have a girl and twin boys. He’s having PTSD outbursts and kinda lashed off to Yang, which helps him every time. He didn’t tell Callie, for his fear to lose her and the kids. Yang likes Owen but she doesn’t show it.

Lexie Grey is a junkie that goes by another name (Lucille Ball) and is still Meredith’s half-sister but never met. She still has photographic memory and is very smart. Jackson Avery was the one who treated her and Mark Sloan found her outside the hospital when she escaped, almost running over her.

Addison Montgomery (Head of OB/GYN and NeoNatal) is married to Derek Shepherd and is pregnant. It was later revealed that the child is hers and Sloan. Derek looks like mad at Meredith for some reason but they drank at the bar after Yang left.

Arizona Robbins (Head of Pediatrics) always argue with Torres because of one child patient they have but were in good terms by the end of the episode. They look like interested in each other but Callie didn’t want to admit to herself.

Miranda Bailey (Head of General Surgery) is close to Webber and Karev, still is very shy and has long braided hair like her old self.

Some known characters are also mentioned like Teddy Altman (which seems to be deployed) helps Owen by talking to him, Preston Burke (this one sticks to the original story, he went off after what happened between him and Yang) and George O’Malley (who  failed his intern exam and was never seen again). Izzie Stevens was mentioned not-so-subtle.

Thinking about this episode, if ever this was what reality is.. It’s sad. It’s weird. But things sure look like they’re falling into proper places lol

Woah, kind of a spoiler? Sorry folks. I’m just pointing out how different and similar they are. The in-between moments are for you to watch 🙂

PS: Saying alternate reality, I instantly thought of Fringe 😛

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