Buffet Breakfast at New World Hotel, Makati

April 8, 2012

Since only two can avail the complimentary breakfast, they had me and Papa Tan eat there.

Strong coffee with lots of milk and sugar, Mango juice and Water

We went to get our food. I got garlic rice and corned beef only. I didn’t want to eat sausages and we didn’t get to explore one side.  I ordered a large pancake and let the chef decide for the toppings.

Blueberries, oranges and nuts on top of my pancake. I like blueberries when mixed in, they're not that sour 🙂
California Maki and Gimbap! <3
Papa Tan full~ :3

What We Love:

  • The staff are very polite and helpful. They also make small talk and make sure you had a wonderful time with them.
  • The food choice is vast. From typical Filipino breakfast food, a variety of bread/pastry, custom pancakes/waffles, Japanese & Korean food, etc. – you’ll never tan out of choices.
  • Me and Papa Tan love their Mango juice, very smooth.

What We Don’t:

  • The food is very expensive. What you can purchase in a local 7-11 costs at least 3x.
  • There is no free water in the rooms.