Staycation at New World Hotel, Makati

April 8, 2012

It’s Holy week season again here and for most people that means looong vacation time. Most people I know go back to their provinces, go on out-of-town trips with friends and some go on Visita Iglesia and participate in the yearly Alay Lakad towards Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage in Antipolo.

This year I spent my Black Friday and half of my Good Saturday with friends. Photospam coming right up!

My dear friend Erroz, some of his teammates and his boss (which is Ate Bernz’ older sister) was treated by their Malaysian clients in a three-weeks hotel stay. Since he was alone, he decided to invite us over few days prior. I cancelled another commitment for this, since I haven’t seen Erroz for a while. We were supposed to go there around 5pm but the clients left early. I met with Ate Bernz and Papa Tan earlier than planned.

Name of the hotel where we stayed.

I packed food for Erroz since the package doesn’t include lunch and dinner.

Makati in another perspective, looking towards Buendia Ave. (in my mind that is, lol)

We were situated in the 9th floor so we have a good view of the pool area below, which was on the 3rd floor.

Poolside, on the left :3
Let's swim! 😀

We lurked in the swimming pool for a few hours. I didn’t try the sauna though, but Erroz and Papa Tan liked it a lot, even the bubble bath in the tub in our room.

You can guess how tall I am 😛

Ate Bernz can’t swim so she just played Temple Run while soundtrippin’. We decided to take a little walk before going back to the room 😛

Going to the 20th flr for sightseeing :3

We went over to McDonalds for dinner when they came back.

Inside the elevator, going down :3

The chicken fillet gets smaller and smaller :/

Ready to eat xD
McDo Chicken Fillet + Embutido (made by my grandma) + Cheeseburger

Since we didn’t go back to 7-11 and we don’t have water in our room, after watching a few movies, I invited Ate Bernz to go down and buy drinks. I was tempted to buy Tanduay Ice like Papa Tan, I just got myself a 32 oz. Red Ice Tea 😛

Yes, I have BIG UHAW :))

Split the cheeseburger with Papa Tan while gulping down from my Big Uhaw. Oh, we watched A Knight’s Tale. I forgot the other one.

I had a little difficulty sleeping because of the sounds made by the sofa whenever Papa Tan would move or when Erroz would grind his teeth. Also the air conditioning was low, even after being inspected by the Engineering Department.

And good morning sunshine! Read about our buffet breakfast here.


  • In the third floor, they have the pool, the gym, the sauna and steam rooms. The gym is complete but we didn’t get to try because we didn’t bring proper shoes.
  • Location-wise, it’s walking distance to Greenbelt, The Landmark and Glorietta.


  • Poor air conditioning at the time. Ate Bernz said there was a time that it was too cold.
  • Bath tub seems too small.

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