Still hung up? Accept, forgive, move on. Pray.

I was so desperate for him to love me, to want me, to fight for me that I was literally grateful for any mere scrap of effort. Iโ€™d made so many excuses for his inability to treat me well that even the smallest gesture was amplified in my head.

Did I hit a spot?

Most people are able to relate to this quote.

If you are OR were a martyr in love, I’m 101% sure you’ve been in this situation and like everywhere else, you’re coined as someone stupid or desperate.

Those times that your friends would tell you to stop already, to not degrade yourself like that, do not stoop so low, have a little pride for yourself.. The lines “there’s a lot of fishes in the sea” or “you don’t deserve him/her” or “he/she doesn’t deserve your love”..

Love comes when we least expect it and it goes the same way. If we have already invested our emotions on someone, there’s a connection already that is, in reality, hard to cut off. Whether you move on fast or not (where I do not believe that people can move on that fast, they can just look the part), the connection is there. You don’t believe me? Just think of the times you suddenly find yourself thinking about that person or missing things that you used to do. There are memories that can ignore, but not really forget 100%.

Acceptance is the first step. Then forgiveness of that person and yourself. And you finally move on. Praying also helps.

Easier said than done? Yeah, depending on how attached you are to that person.

FACT:ย I’ve been there, twice. The first one was more memorable because of the pain that was connected to it.

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