Postal Heritage Tour Part 5: The Aftermath

Before ending the tour Sir Lawrence brought us to Arroceros Park. Seriously the best way to unwind after a tiring but fun day. The spot is beside the Pasig River. Yes, no picture since it was past 6 pm already and I was very eager to sit down and relax 😛

Parting ways, I went with Ate Bebang Siy (the author of “It’s A Mens World”), Ate Maru, Kuya Poy and Kuya Wasi to SM Manila for dinner, in Ate Bebang’s insistence so that I wouldn’t have to eat alone daw. And Kuya Wasi accompanied me from SM Manila to MRT. Thank you! 🙂

Dinner! Gravy overload!

With that said, here are my two cents about the whole experience:

Honestly as a child I’m fascinated by the postcards and stamps that my uncle gets on his mail, so being exposed to Philately gave me a deeper understanding and appreciation of this art and hobby.

I wasn’t aware that there’s a ghost hunting thing that can be done inside the Metropolitan Theater before I signed up for the tour. I was nervous when I already knew, but that didn’t stop me to come, even if I didn’t have a flashlight with me. Well, my mobile phone does but it wasn’t powerful enough. Thankfully, there wasn’t any spirits disturbing us.

This is the only free guided tour that I know of in Manila. With nothing to lose, I highly recommend everyone to participate in this activity, especially before the government converts the Manila Central Post Office Main Building into a six-star hotel.

Tour areas vary monthly, aside from those areas mentioned, the tour sometimes includes Mehan Garden, Jones Bridge, Mc Arthur Bridge, Manila City Hall, FEATI University, Colegio de San Juan de Letran, Postal Bank, Far Eastern University, Escolta, Bahay Tsinoy and others.

You get free stamps, a whole lot of knowledge most people are not aware of, met new friends and the once in a lifetime experience (since entry in the MET is prohibited, unless you secured all the permits needed).

Promoting Stuff

If you want to join May 2012 tour, contact Sir Lawrence Chan at

Thank you Sir for your time and for sharing your love and knowledge about history and philately. ♥

Interested in the contents of the pamphlets or got questions? Just comment in this post and I’ll help you in anyh way I can. If you want to see the whole album of pictures, just go to my Facebook page. And while you’re at it, like the page too 😛

Postal Heritage Tour Series:

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