An Awesome Microsoft In-VIRT-Edu2012: The First

May 27, 2012

Note: Sorry for the late post, I’ve been busy with stuff and events :3

After a whole day of listening to different speakers talking about various technologies and topics, the Microsoft In-VIRT-Edu2012 finally ended. Yes, VIRT as in virtual. From morning til past 4 pm, I was sitting in front of my PC and signing onto virtual conference rooms every after ~2 hours.

Not your typical seminar, the first Microsoft In-VIRT-Edu2012 happened on May 11, 2012, with speakers coming from different parts of the world. Using their newest software Microsoft Lync, which will be the replacement for the current enterprise software Office Communicator, people from all over the Philippines were able to attend the same event without the location constraints (one of the problems of event goers, aside from schedule conflict). In the comfort of your own homes, whether you just woke up or it’s late in the evening, you will be able to say ‘Present!’.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Participants in Manila were able to attend the after party held in Hard Rock Cafe, Makati City. An estimate of 25 people were able to come with the main objective of grabbing the free jacket *insert evil smile here*


The party was their way to thank everyone for supporting the ‘experiment’. Before giving away the jackets and after eating, the socialization continued and the raffle began. A total of 5 HTC Radar smartphone, 2 Jabra headsets, a couple of PLDT jackets and bags were given away.

Guess who got lucky ๐Ÿ˜‰

Food from Hard Rock Cafe, Jabra Bluetooth Headset, Jabra Wristpad and HTC Radar. Thank you Microsoft! โ™ฅ

All I can remember is that I was smiling, my hands were shaky and I looked like I was going to cry because of happiness. Thank you God for the blessings! You really provide and answer prayers when we least expect it, when it is time, when we deserve it :’)

Thank you Microsoft for a wonderful event! Thank you Sir Erwin! I’m looking forward to your future events ๐Ÿ˜€