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The Year It Has Been, 2012 Edition

December 31, 2012

After an early morning start, spending a few hours in my mom’s apartment and strolling in the mall, I’m back home early to avoid accidents. I admit I love fireworks but I don’t want to be near them and I don’t like the loud noise. Anyway, I started typing this at 1830, making it 4.5 hours away before we welcome 2013. Until then, let me take this time to look back at 2012.

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As much as we’d like to have a smooth-sailing year, what’s life without ups and downs? I had my share of unforeseen circumstances. Here’s a few:

  • Nanay got hospitalized twice this year, October 28-31 (minor heart attack) and November 28-30 (pneumonia).
  • Me getting in a minor accident, rough time at work, and being shouted at by the cashier in MRT Taft when I was still NOT in a good shape.

I am happy I’m over it and happier to spend the New Year with my nanay in a better state of health.

Question: Did you go through bad times this year?


I think 2012 was the luckiest year ever, despite all the heartbreaking moments. Remember the time when I won Shaylee with a Jabra headset from Microsoft’s event last May? That was my first time to win a major prize in a raffle! It’s funny I got Shaylee when I was already set on not using a newer phone.

After that event, I tried my hand on online giveaways. I have won a couple of times this year and I would also like to thank them.

  • Tricia (Website | Facebook) for the blog feature and the 1 year free domain currently used by my food blog! Do check out her other blog also, Letters and Images.
  • Pepang of Self-Portrayal (Website | Facebook) for these cute clothes and accessories. She even included a note ♥

  • AllTravelSpots (Website | Facebook) and Fab Manila (Website | Facebook) for my cute travel bag


  • For the first time in my life’s history, I won “Best Dressed” in our PHDUG Christmas Party. The winner was determined by voting. Haha! Who would have thought, right? It kinda boosted up my self-confidence and I feel better that inching little by little to being a fashionable is a good move for me.

Question: Did you join any contest/raffle this year? Were you able to bring home the bacon? 🙂


There’s too much that I have learned this year that I can’t even remember everything. Haha! So here we go:

  • Learned how to install Drupal on localhost as well as a few basic things. Thank you Otep!
  • Learned to cook a few dishes, but I have to do it over and over again to retain it.
  • Learned more ways to be frugal without depriving myself.
  • Learned to step out my comfort zone. One step at a time.
  • Learned to accept things that I can’t control.
  • Learned how to let go and move on.
  • Learned to love myself.

Question: What did you learn this past year?


“We met for a reason, either you’re a blessing or a lesson.”


I lost a couple of friends this year, met a lot of new people and reconnected with a few. This collage is a tribute to all those people who touched my life, one way or the other, this 2012. My family, my Saddleback Manila family, my Philippine Drupal Users/Volunteers Group family, and my awesome friends! Ate Val, sorry I wasn’t able to include you in the collage, I can’t find a picture of us together 🙁

I would also like to mention my Victory Metro East small group, my new friends/co-volunteers at Lovestruck Movement and Right Start, and my co-bloggers!

THANK YOU everyone! I hope, whatever the standing of our acquaintance or friendship, that it will grow deeper and last for as long as we live. SORRY, from the bottom of my heart, to everyone whom I have hurt in any way.

Last but not the least: THANK YOU very much Father God for all the blessings and trials in my life. Thank You for bringing such wonderful people in my life. May You continue to guide everyone and led them to You.


Your Princess ♥

Question: Is there anyone you would like to thank or say sorry too? Did you meet someone who touched your life? Feel free to share all your answers in the comments below!


2013, I’m ready for you! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  1. ganda. nice way to sum up the year 2012. I would like to say sorry if i hurt you in anyway, as well as thank you for coming (re-connecting) in to my life. I’ve learned a lot from you. alam mo na yun. my partner-in-crime demsidoodles 🙂 thank you for everything. Happy New Year.. May we have prosperity and more blessings this 2013!

    1. Bebe! May inomit pa nga ako dyan eh.

      “But I’m not sorry for saying the truth. It’s rare for me to say what I think in order to avoid conflict, but I think there are times where I have to take a stand, even if I have to do it alone. I know, it’s hard to swallow a bitter pill. I’d say: suck it up.”

      Wag mo ako paiyakin bebe~ adik ka! ahaha! Love you! 😀

  2. 2012 has been a bad and great year for me….but great thing it went from bad to great which only shows there’s still hope for all our endeavors. How I wish for an extravagant and a life with no worries, but I think challenges are given to strengthen us to make us better people.

    1. Just that year lang po hehe. The flowered top is small in size and the others were free size so I gave it away to friends, except the pair of shorts. I love the travel bag also even if it’s not my usual style 🙂

  3. Haha I did that as well. There’s more to it than reminiscing actually. Evaluating past experiences so that we could better plan for our future goals.

  4. This is so great idea to summarize the year on the last day of the year. Sometimes you forget some things even when it happened within the past 12 months only, and it is nice to look back and reflect.

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