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Chicify: Caleigh Madison Robyn Cross-body Bag

May 8, 2012

My Grandma woke me up by shouting at my ears because a package came in today. She was insisting she doesn’t know what do to with it. Anyway, she could have saved me and the delivery person the trouble by just signing it. Here’s one of the three packages I’m waiting for this week:

I got the bag in Lilac (which was the only option, but I don’t mind at all). It’s so big, it can fit a MacBook (in my estimation). It has two front-pockets and two side-pockets. Inside it’s color brown. The leather straps are actually not brown, as you can see in the picture. It’s a shade of green that I like but forgot the proper name. I love the accent on front too ♥

I stuffed it with my pillow to see how it looks like when full. Haven’t tried put lots of my stuff to see how it weighs.

I bought this from and paid via Paypal. It was for sale at P700+ only. Paid P800+ including shipping and was sent via LBC.

Finally, I now have an office-appropriate bag. Or a bag that can fit all my stuff in case I need to overnight (’cause most of my bags are old and aren’t big enough when I have to bring my laptop with or without clothes & footwear. My heartstrings cross-body bag needs to rest too and undergo a minor fix).

Can’t wait to test this one out 🙂


Side note: Most of the time I’m having problems uploading photos here, even after reducing the size. There are times also that I access my wp-admin page or the read page (for blogs I follow) and it doesn’t load. I wonder if someone else is experiencing the same problem/s?

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