Etsy: Hunger Games Pendant Necklace by Tina Lau (Shininggift)

The package came from China (and yes, before you ask, I purchased this before the whole PH-China dispute :P)

Waking up to a sunny yet chill morning, I knew it was going to be a good day, even if it rains. My day brightened up more when the package I’ve been waiting for has arrived.

As everyone knows I have been online shopping earlier May, wherein I got to purchase a bag from Chicify and a pair of doll shoes from Zalora.

Inside the yellow packaging, my items are inside a blue pouch which packed inside a folded bubble wrap.

Ooh, what’s inside? :3

A little backstory before we ‘open’ it: I always drop by to online window shop. I love the items there. Each and every seller is creative and inspiring. So one day, since I was looking to buy for this particular item, I tried searching it on the site and found my match. β™₯

Yes! From The Hunger Games β™₯
Trying it on with a smile ^_^

I bought this “Hunger Games Pendant Necklace, Mockingjay,Arrow and Peeta Pearl Necklace” from Tina Lao’s shop in Etsy called “Shininggift”.

I’m a fan of Harry Potter, Twilight and The Hunger Games. I was actually torn between a snitch pendant on a bracelet and this, but I thought I might lose the bracelet faster than the necklace.

Not minding that the shipment fee is twice than the item itself, I ordered one.

And imagine my surprise when she said she added a little something for me. Here’s what made me excited to get the package:

Thank you again for this Tina! β™₯

Part of my online invoice says:

“Thanks for your order. I shipped your item today together with a free gift of rose ring..”

It looks lovely! Since it was adjustable, it fits me anyway (hello chubby fingers lol) πŸ˜€

I am the Mockingjay.. (joke :P)

Shopping Details:

Seller: Tina Lau

Shop: Shininggift on Etsy

Items: Accessories (n/b/e/r), Hairbands, Pocket Watches, iPhone Cover Case

Shipping Time: She said it takes 2-4 weeks. In my case, I ordered the product May 4, she marked it shipped on May 7 and I got it May 31.


  • Price – reasonable
  • Quality – great
  • Service – easy to talk to, veryΒ accommodatingΒ with questions. perfect β™₯

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