Random Pseudo-Photowalk of the Uninspired (and Hungry)

May 1, 2012

I’ve been staying at home for the past couple of days, since I don’t go beyond my ten-minute immediate places to go to. It feels like forever and I’m very uninspired at the moment. Since I’ve been looking over the garage sale with my grandma since Saturday (there were people already buying that day since the items are organized already), I took a little walk around the village.

One of the small toys my Uncle bought home one day. Will try my hand on Toy Photography hmm..
Random pink flower on the street.
Random white flower with the pink one on the same bush?
Had to enhance this a couple of times using Photoscape since the tree part was very dark on the original photo :/

I ended my little walk with..

Fishball, Chicken Ball and Kikiam :3

Oh! First day of May and it rained! 😀

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