Way Back into Photography and Photoshop

By on August 12, 2012

Now that the flood’s gone and life’s back to normal (at least here in our area), I’ve been busy cleaning these past few days. A freelance project on-going, a questionnaire I have to fill out and a couple of blog posts to be written, I have to finish all that while nursing myself back into health :’c

Anyway, I took a time off yesterday and decided to work on my Photoshop skills that has been not in use for months now. Here’s the end product:

This is the copy from Facebook. I’m having a hard time upload the original one (big file o_o). Click the picture to see it on Flickr. 🙂

I took this picture after our friend’s wedding last month in Anabel’s Tomas Morato, using my friend’s (the one on standing on the right) Nikon Coolpix P7000. Post-processing and layout done in Photoshop CS 5.5. The picture on the lower right taken by the owner of the camera during their trip in USS.

This was requested by a friend. I did my best and learned a few tricks on the way.

What do you think? I look forward to your comments! Back to coding/writing for now 🙂

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LaCie Little Big Disk Thunderbolt

By on July 10, 2012

The LaCie Little Big Disk Thunderbolt™* Series heralds a new era for storage performance. Featuring a preconfigured RAID0 striped set with optional hard disks or SSDs through the 10Gb/s Thunderbolt interface, it delivers astonishing transfer rates. Reach read speeds of up to 480MB/s with the SSD model, and up to 190MB/s with the hard disk model. Now you can truly get the power of fibre channel rackmount storage–in a portable solution!

The Little Big Disk Thunderbolt Series weighs just 1.4 lbs., making it a portable powerhouse. It fits in the palm of your hand, features its own cooling system, and can be connected to displays and laptops. Opt for the hard disk version and get up to 2TB storage capacity per unit (up to 240GB with SSD version). While presenting their work to a client, photographers can browse smoothly through photos in their digital libraries while experiencing zero lag time. Away from the studio, videographers can dramatically reduce the time to publish a project. They simply download their footage directly from a compatible camera to the Little Big Disk to start the editing process on the field. The SSD version will be popular with post-production teams thanks to its support for multiple uncompressed video streams and multichannel audio.

LaCie Little Big Disk

Product Specifications:

  • LA9000106 1TB Little Big Disk Thunderbolt (7200rpm)
    • SRP – PHP31,561.16
  • LA9000107 2TB Little Big Disk Thunderbolt (5400rpm)
    • SRP – PHP39,726.4


LaCie Rugged Mini

Rugged Design. Mini Size.

  • Shock-, rain-, and pressure-resistant
  • Password protection
  • USB 3.0: up to 4x faster than USB 2.0

Product specifications

  • LA301555 500GB Rugged Mini USB 3.0
    • SRP – PHP4,648
  • LA301558 1TB Rugged Mini USB 3.0
    • SRP – PHP7,358

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Save Bad Photos Series: Full Moon

By on June 27, 2012

Not every photo we took a shot of comes out great. It can turn out dark, unfocused or there are some photobombers around. There are a number of factors to consider – the camera itself, the lighting, the environment. I know most people know that already, so I won’t enumerate all of it here.

Starting my ‘save bad photos!’ series with one of my failed attempts to capture the beauty of a full moon.

I suck at putting watermarks before, since I wanted to use the color blue (which is my favorite :P)

Venue: Ayala Triangle Park, Ayala, Makati City

Date: November 17, 2010

My digital camera is not good taking pictures in low light places or during night time, so the image turned out dark (I honestly don’t use flash that much.) I can’t find the original image anymore, so you would see.

This is like how Jar of Salt save her photos (but she does it better ^_^). I enhanced this photo using Picasa, since I’m not that good with Photoshop. The maroon part is a tree with Christmas lights dangling on it while the building on the right is the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE).

Still I find this beautiful. 🙂

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Pop Culture

It’s More Fun with Friends: Toycon Day 2

By on June 26, 2012

I just realized I haven’t posted about Toycon yet. I went there to meet with my friend Franz and his friends Eves and Apol. I was just going to have my phone fixed (which they didn’t, since it was just a showroom). I didn’t have plans to go inside the Megatrade Halls, however, I didn’t want to be left outside.

Ready to explore, go out and repeat. 😛

Now, take a look into Toycon Day 2!

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Beauty and Fashion

Etsy: Hunger Games Pendant Necklace by Tina Lau (Shininggift)

By on June 1, 2012
The package came from China (and yes, before you ask, I purchased this before the whole PH-China dispute :P)

Waking up to a sunny yet chill morning, I knew it was going to be a good day, even if it rains. My day brightened up more when the package I’ve been waiting for has arrived.

As everyone knows I have been online shopping earlier May, wherein I got to purchase a bag from Chicify and a pair of doll shoes from Zalora.

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Once in a Blue Moon, Supermoon

By on May 7, 2012

If it was possible, I would lay somewhere and do stargazing. I feel calm and happy whenever I see a lot of stars in the sky. This goes the same when I see a full moon, especially when a supermoon or it has an orange color.

A supermoon is the coincidence of a full moon (or a new moon) with the closest approach the moon makes to the Earth. I know this is kinda late but here are some wonderful photos of the supermoon last May 5 from Yahoo!.

A “supermoon” is seen behind the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Sunday, May 6, 2012.  (AP Photo/Victor R. Caivano)
A runner makes his way along a trail on a butte in front of the “supermoon” at Papago Park in Phoenix, Arizona May 5, 2012. Photo By REUTERS/Darryl Webb
The “supermoon” rises behind the Temple of Poseidon in Cape Sounion, south east of Athens, Greece, while tourists watch, on Saturday, May 5, 2012. Photo By AP Photo/Dimitri Messinis

Beautiful, isn’t it? Credits to those who took the pictures :3

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Random Pseudo-Photowalk of the Uninspired (and Hungry)

By on May 1, 2012

I’ve been staying at home for the past couple of days, since I don’t go beyond my ten-minute immediate places to go to. It feels like forever and I’m very uninspired at the moment. Since I’ve been looking over the garage sale with my grandma since Saturday (there were people already buying that day since the items are organized already), I took a little walk around the village.

One of the small toys my Uncle bought home one day. Will try my hand on Toy Photography hmm..
Random pink flower on the street.
Random white flower with the pink one on the same bush?
Had to enhance this a couple of times using Photoscape since the tree part was very dark on the original photo :/

I ended my little walk with..

Fishball, Chicken Ball and Kikiam :3

Oh! First day of May and it rained! 😀

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