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It’s More Fun with Friends: Toycon Day 2

June 26, 2012

I just realized I haven’t posted about Toycon yet. I went there to meet with my friend Franz and his friends Eves and Apol. I was just going to have my phone fixed (which they didn’t, since it was just a showroom). I didn’t have plans to go inside the Megatrade Halls, however, I didn’t want to be left outside.

Ready to explore, go out and repeat. 😛

Now, take a look into Toycon Day 2!

The Toys

It was interesting to see a variety of stuff being sold and on display, especially the toys. From old school to the latest ones, big or small, the convention was really a haven for toy collectors.

Cut the Rope! Found it randomly 😀 Toy Story – Maxicollector Life size Thor ♥ Bumblebee ♥ (this is a small toy, not life size like Thor :P)

The Cosplayers

Toys are derived from a variety of sources – stories, TV shows, games, movies, cartoons, and anime. Like any other convention involving those stuff that I’ve mentioned, there’s definitely cosplayers in the venue. The term ‘cosplay’ was derived from the words ‘costume’ and ‘play’. For me, cosplay is an art. 🙂

Love blue+white combo! Love her shoes more! (it has wings :D) Blue+gold looks good din pala ♥ “Parurusahan kita, sa ngalan ng buwan!” XD Hmm, I wonder how to stack ’em up? 😀

The Games

There were also game booths for PS3 to  MMORPGs. Also Quantum had a small booth wherein there are a couple of arcade machine to play with.

They’re busy~ Street Fighter vs Tekken! I didn’t know there was one until this :))

Other Merchandise

Not everything is just toys. There are cosplay/fashion apparel and accessories and anime DVDs to name a few. Also there were lots of food concessionaires inside the venue.

Cool looking shirts 🙂 Like a boss m/

Special Thanks

Glad to finally meet Franz in person 🙂 Thank you to Eves & Apol for the food! Also Eves for accompanying me back to the con up to on the way home ^_^

I only have a few more, so view the rest of the pictures here. I didn’t buy anything except the fifty-pesos-ice-cone that ripped me off lol. Anyone else went to Toycon? 🙂

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