Singlehood and Rushing into Relationships for Dummies

August 21, 2012

UPDATE 05/08/2013: This article is featured at Cord of 3 Strands website! ♥

I’ve been single for quite some time now and as much as it would be nice to have someone, I know I can’t afford to be committed at the time being. I had two failed relationships in the past and  a lot of realizations surfaced as time passed by. Aside from the pursuit to reach my dreams and my “things-I-must-accomplish-while-i’m-still-single”, I what to enjoy the freedom my unattached status entails me.

Things are better done with someone? I can agree, but there are things that you want to do for self-fulfillment.

Afraid to be ‘alone’? I used to be. But mind you, you and I never alone. We have ourselves, our families, our friends.

So now what? Way back from the person whose happiness is dependent on other people, this is what I say to everyone, especially to my fellow youth: don’t rush things. Stop the ‘PBB Teens‘ behavior. Learn to love yourselves first and accept the love of God. Finish school, get your ideal or dream job, save for your future, take care of your family and friends, strengthen your relationship with God.

Wait patiently and time will come you will meet the best person to spend the rest of your life with, as promised by Him. For those who were wounded in the past or shielding their hearts, when it comes, don’t resist it. A promise of happiness, contentment and fulfillment will come into your lives. ♥

Biblical advice for those rushing in relationships
Don’t you want a love story like that? 🙂
Image from Tumblr.
  1. Sometimes people need break from relationship to discover more of themselves. You’ll be stronger at this time and when you start with the next one, you’ll be well equipped.

  2. Love the photo with the examples! 🙂 And I would have to agree with you. Waiting can really make some people impatient or envious of what other people have. But in the right time, the right kind of guy will always come. It’s has worked for me. 🙂

    1. Hehe, when I saw that on Tumblr for the first time, I laughed. It gave the perfect example and explanation 🙂
      I’m happy for you Ms. Mai ♥
      Still waiting for mine 🙂

  3. There is really no point of rushing into a relationship or marriage. With pervent prayers, God will give you the right person at the right time.

  4. i so love the pic… i had so much of those issues before , til i got tired of my own drama and then we got back together and became better persons… 🙂

    1. I had my share of those issues too and I myself got tired of it. People sometimes do keep asking about it, even if I don’t want to talk about it anymore. Reading what you said “then we got back together and became better persons..” made me think of someone :3

  5. Rushing into a relationship may not be a good idea. If you find yourself rushing into a relationship, then you may want to stop and think the situation out. I think I rushed into a relationship when I got married, but honestly, I do not have any bad experiences from it. I do not have any regrets. This worked for me, but I know some friends that it did not work for.

    1. The experience and the outcome really isn’t the same for everyone. But having regrets for rushed relationships that turned out bad is a common denominator.

  6. You know what I married early and I have detested the fact that I never were single for most of my adult life, so I advise singles to just embrace it and I do believe the Lord has something in store for everyone.

  7. rushing on things makes a lot of wrong moves… but being to choosy also has its disadvantages… as you say, there are hazards we face in life… Yahweh bless.

    1. That maybe the reason why I hesitate a bit to just wait, because I don’t want to end up being too much picky that I’ll end up alone :/

  8. wait for the best, but lets hope it he is coming or else you will end up alone . i got married at age 31 and remarried again at age 36. Just keep looking and you will find the man for you.

    1. Thank you Ms. Tess. I’m just 22 and have no plans to marry for the next 3-4 years if ever. I believe he will come, whoever he is 🙂

  9. very true! i have my own experience! being so busy with my job back then in philippines not knowing that my husband is standing infront of me. you’ll just be surprised how love truly works! it’s magic!

  10. I love the story of Ruth. It really shows that you don’t need to go on looking for someone. Just focus on whatever you need to do, and he will come along. The circumstances will arrange itself when the time is right.

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