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Spaoay, an Ilocano-themed Wellness Spa [Updated with Price List]

October 3, 2012

A good gastronomic experience can uplift someone’s mood, but what better way to end one’s day than to be pampered? This is one of life’s guilty pleasures. If we could have it every after a busy or stressful day at work or school, we would forget our worries away and life will somehow become better.

And for a day, I experience that. Done with the Ilocandia cuisine, it was time for some RnR in their Ilocano-themed wellness spa next door.

The name Spaoay was derived from the terms “Spa” and “Paoay”, a town in Ilocos Norte. They proudly offer time-honored therapies from the Ilocos region that has a strong belief of the healing touch. Thus, only professionally trained and TESDA accredited staff are employed by the owners.

It was a full house Saturday and I was on the last batch so we had to wait for a few minutes before being led to what I believe is the Foot Spa area with comfortable leatherette chairs on the second floor. My therapist then asked me to soak my feet in a warm tub of water and she used Mint liquid soap for cleaning and scrub *sigh* :3

Combination Body Massage (P350/hour)

After that she started with my foot massage, then I was led to a room and was asked to change. Mine was at the end of the second floor, in front of the leatherette chairs and beside the window where I can see Timog Avenue, so it was cooler than most rooms but it didn’t bother me until I was already done with the massage. After a few minutes, she asked permission to enter.

Foot Spa area. Photo from Spaoay’s website.

The massage is a combination of Swedish, Shiatsu and Thai techniques. I’m very happy the pressure was just right and I feel very relieved – like I didn’t travel all the way with my backpack from home to Mall of Asia, then to Ayala and ending up there in Timog. In all honesty I was a little scared because whenever I get a massage, the therapist does it too hard and I end up getting body pains and fever the next day – which I’m glad it didn’t happened (no worries guys, they’re very easy to talk to, if ever you want to request a softer or harder massage).

Massage Room. Image from Spaoay’s website

I wasn’t given a warm towel to wash the oil away, which was fine since I didn’t feel sticky-icky afterwards. A freshly-brewed homemade ginger tea was served and added to my wonderful, restoring experience (you can ask for a glass of water instead if you’re not a fan of ginger).

Come to Spaoay and indulge wellness rituals which have a distinguished past.

They use herbs like tea tree, mint and coffee for their massage and facials while body wraps, scrubs and bath are drawn on volcanic clays, sea salts, and cane vinegar. Organic, smells good and very beneficial, right? 🙂

Spaoay Services and Price List (as given last Sept. 15, 2012)


  • Full body massage (Swedish, Shiatsu or combination, 1 hour) – P350
  • Full body massage (Swedish, Shiatsu or combination, 1.5 hours) – P600
  • Traditional Ilocano Massage with Paoay Sad Pompom Press (1.5 hours) – P500
  • Couples Massage (1 hour) – P650
  • Back Rub (30 minutes) – P250
  • Foot spa/massage (30 minutes) – P300


  • Mint Body Wash (20 minutes) – P300
  • Tea Tree Anti Bacterial and Coco Milk Body Wash (20 minutes) – P350

SPAOAY BRAZILIAN WAY (Do Away with Unwanted Hair)

  • Trimming and Threading: Eyebrows, Nose, Upper Lip & Ears – P500
  • Underarm (Male – Trim) – P300
  • Underarm (Female – Wax) – P800
  • Bikini: Male Trim – P350
  • Bikini: Female Trim with Partial Wax – P550
  • Bikini: Female Full Waxing – P800
  • Legs: Waxing Upper and Lower – P800


  • Collagen Facial Mask (30 minutes) – P600
  • Galvanic Facial Spa (60 minutes) – P1,500


  • Body Massage with Foaming Body Wash (1.5 hours) – P800
  • Mint Foam Bath (20 mins.) & Back Rub (40 mins.) – P500


  • Paoay Body Scrub with Paoay Foam Wash (40 minutes)
  • Brazilian (One Area only) and Water Spa Treatment (20 minutes)
  • Full Body Massage (60 minutes)


  • Brazilian (Bikini) Treatment & Turkish Bath & Massage (1.5 hours) – P700
  • Brazilian (Bikini) Treatment/Body Scrub/Turkish Bath/Massage (2 hours) – P1,000


  • Brazilian (Bikini) Treatment & Turkish Bath & Massage (1.5 hours) – P700
  • Brazilian (Bikini) Treatment/Body Scrub/Turkish Bath/Massage (2 hours) – P1,000


The facilities are new and very homey. White high ceilings made the small space look bigger and the use of wood elements is very prominent. A variety of lamps light up every corner.

On the second floor, there are four massage rooms and a washing area/shower room while on the third floor, they have two body scrub rooms and two facial rooms The shower room/restroom which has pebbled/stoned floors made me feel like I was transported somewhere else. Too bad I didn’t take a photo :/


Spaoay exceeded my expectations.  The therapies know what they’re doing and this could also be a testament on the proficiency TESDA graduates have. My kind of perfect wellness spa, this is one of those places na dadayuhin mo talaga, for their bang-for-your-buck services and the Ilocano theme really shows in the values of everyone.


Spaoay is open daily to give alternative and natural healing. Spaoay also provide exclusive hotel and home services.

33-D Timog Ave., Quezon City
Call (02)9947596 / 09189256603 for reservations.


  1. i’m so inggit! i definitely need to go to a spa na. been meaning to go but motherhood is so demanding that i have to schedule me-times like this. hihi.

  2. This is rather interesting! It has been such a long time since I last went to a spa… *sigh* life. Haha. But anyhow, I’ll keep this spa in mind! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Yay! This Spa is near my parent’s house! I really should pay a visit, being an Ilocano myself, it’s about time to try a massage done by our natives. 🙂

  4. Wow, I didn’t know that a spa like this exists. I always go and find different spa to be pampered. Lately, I keep on coming back at the same spa for months. Hiyang na ko sa therapist. 🙂

  5. wow… the place looks relaxing. I check out their facebook page, I just wish they have a list of prices for their services 🙂

  6. Having your whole body being revitalized through massage and other wellness treatments is something very addictive but no side effects. Just don’t overdo it. This place looks so relaxing.

  7. World Teacher’s Day was celebrated last October 5 and how I wish I can have a day at the spa to celebrate it. Instead I was preparing for seminars, summaries and presentation for ADHD. Your post reminded me I really need to take a break.

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